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The iPod has undoubtedly had a drastic and long-lasting effect on the music industry. Prior to the invention of the iPod, and the digital music delivery service iTunes, also from Apple, music was primarily sold in CD format in physical store locations and enjoyed through the use of CD players and other devices. The iPod changed all this as now music was primarily delivered through digital means, allowing people to purchase and download songs directly to their personal computer.

Immediate Changes to Music Industry
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Owning an iPad brings numerous benefits, most important of which is system security. Because the iPad uses the legendary iOS operating system, it is considered to be one of the safest tablet devices when it comes to avoiding viruses and malware. There has never been a confirmed virus that was able to penetrate through the built-in security systems in the iOS platform, although there have some a few malware scares in recent years.

What Types of Threats could you Face?
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One of the biggest issues that people are going to find when they go to purchase their new iPad or iPhone is the fact that the price for bigger hard drives and more storage jumps up dramatically at every single level. The entry-level iPad gives you just enough storage to be usable for most people, but if you’re really looking to put a lot of content, movies, or games onto your new iPad you’ll have to move up into the 32 gig, 64 gig, and even higher options – price points that become ridiculously prohibitive the higher you get. Of course, the alternative is to add an external hard drive to the mix – something that is nowhere near as simple or straightforward as you may have been led to believe.
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There are hundreds of accessories available for the iPad. Everything from projectors to keyboards to speaker systems, if you can think of it chances are it’s already on the market. One of the more comical, but still extremely useful, accessories for the iPad are iPad pillows. These have a variety of uses including making it more comfortable to use your iPad, giving you more support when typing, and for keeping your iPad in a secure position on your lap.


iPad pillows were developed and released shortly after the release of the original iPad. The idea behind them was to give users a device that was comfortable while offering support for their iPad. A typical iPad pillow incorporates a triangular design which is sturdy and will not crumble or collapse when weight is applied. They are designed to be placed in your lap and allow you to work more comfortably and efficiently on your iPad. Some models are expandable which allows for the incorporation of a Bluetooth keyboard if necessary.
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The introduction of the iPad and iPhone devices in recent years, and the further release and updates of these devices has opened up a whole new world of technology and fun for the serious tech-guru within us. iPhone and iPad toys are designed to be controlled fully using the power of your iOS device. These toys typically use remote control technology which is controlled from your device to power the toy and operate it within specifications.

History of iPhone and iPad Toys

Toys that are designed specifically to be used with the iPad and iPhone were developed and marketed shortly after the power of these devices was discovered by toy manufacturers. The first toy that was developed specifically to be used in conjunction with the iPad is hard to determine, as there were numerous toys released within a short time period of each other.

Top 5 iPhone and iPad Toys

Below is a brief list of the top five iPad and iPhone toys along with a brief description including price, features and a brief description of each.
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