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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 vs. iPhone 11 – Rumored Specs Compared


Every year, launch of two mobile products, become talk of town, offices, universities/schools and gyms. The choice affects the reputation, status and image of a person greatly – because we are a tech society now!

Samsung Galaxy Note 10

Samsung has announced that Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will be released on August 23, 2019 in USA, UK and Australia. There are many ways to get a discount for Samsung Galaxy Note 10. However, if sale is being made outright, price is set at $945 / £869 / AU$1,499.

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Just imagine that your friends are out on internet data and they want to do some work, for which they are asking to turn on the Wi-Fi hotspot of your mobile phone. But the main issue is that you had just bought the all-new iPhone XS Max and you don’t know how to turn on hotspot on your iPhone XS Max.

So this is the only reason that I created the article. With the help of this article, you would be able to know that How to turn on hotspot on iPhone XS Max easily with the help of steps.

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Are you using an iPhone XS Max? As it is new because of which you are not aware of its settings and many more things. But you just noticed that it is not even showing the battery percentage and you want to check how much battery percentage your iPhone XS Mas has. You tried every possible thing to bring back the battery percentage, but you were unable to make any changes. 

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Right now Apple is in a very tough spot with regards to their iPhones between the XS and XS Max being ridiculously expensive and sales actually going down. The iPhone XR, it’s in kind of a weird spot right now in between kind of like a troubled middle child. Overall sales for the company are falling but this is still their best selling iPhone and on the other honestly it’s a very misunderstood device it’s the cheapest of the 2018 iPhones but it’s still pretty darn expensive especially here in the Turkey where it starts at roughly 6 thousand liras ($1200) and you have the relatively low resolution IPS display compared to its siblings higher resolution OLED displays and then you have the fact that it only has a single rear camera compared to the dual rear setups that the XS and XS Max have.

I really like about the iPhone XR from an Android users perspective let’s start with the small things;

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Since Apple rolled out iOS 12 to the general public earlier this month, the jailbreak community has been dreaming about a brand new jailbreak tool for the newest software. Jailbreaking is now increasingly difficult within the last several years as Apple continues to tighten security on its software. But it’s not even close to impossible. Chinese security researcher Min Zheng aka Spark has shared details of an iOS 12 jailbreak on iPhone XS.

How did Pangu manage to jailbreak the iOS 12 on iPhone XS?

Min Zheng said in a tweet that Team Pangu had performed an iOS 12 jailbreak on iPhone XS. That’s quite surprising since the iPhone XS ‘s been around for just of a week. Zheng himself is a protection researcher at Alibaba. According to the tweet, Pangu achieved the iOS 12 jailbreak on iPhone XS by bypassing PAC mitigation on the A12 Bionic chipset. The A12 chip runs this year’s XS, XS Max, and iPhone XR. Zheng’s tweet also incorporates several screenshots showing root access on the iPhone XS, which confirms the jailbreak. The exact same iOS 12 jailbreak on iPhone XS Max must also be possible, at the least theoretically, since it runs exactly the same A12 Bionic processor. It’s possible that the Pangu team doesn’t yet have usage of the XS Max to show the jailbreak. Continue Reading…