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While the iPhone and iPad are primarily used for making calls, browsing the internet, and keeping in contact with business colleagues, friends and family, some like to take advantage of the incredible computing power offered by these devices by playing high powered games. You can take advantage of the iPhone and iPad sixaxis controller, which allows you to play high-definition games that are almost on par with the quality of PS3 and Xbox 360 games. A sixaxis controller is a device which bridges the connection between a PS3 dualshock controller and the built-in gamepad and control functions on your iPad. Using a PS3 controller with your iPad and iPhone is easy after following the directions below.

How to Make iPhone and iPad Sixaxis Controller
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iPhone antivirus options – Are they even necessary?

While most people have heard the that Mac computers are almost entirely of immune to viruses of any kind (while understanding that there isn’t anything technological that is immune to attacks from malicious hackers), most people readily assume that this same fantastic feature is true of all Apple products. And though it is almost impossible to get an iPhone virus (unless you decide to jailbreak your phone and accept applications that are not allowed through the iTunes application marketplace), you still need to know your options in the first place. Technology is an ever of all things thing, and what is true today may or may not be true tomorrow – so it’s always worth being prepared.

Should I even consider investing in an iPhone antivirus solution?
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The iPad and iPhone devices offer some of the best graphics hardware that we’ve seen on mobile computing devices. Unfortunately, the touchscreen nature of these devices makes it difficult at best to enjoy our favorite games, oftentimes because of control issues related to not having a controller. Thankfully there is now the option of downloading the Xbox 360 controller software for windows and with the help of the XPadder software and if you are wireless then a working Xbox wireless gaming receiver for windows and of course your iPhone or iPad. Here are the important steps to how to use xbox controller with iPhone and iPad;

Xbox 360 Controls your iPhone or iPad Step by Step

The first thing you need is the Xbox 360 controller software for windows. To get this click on this and choose your windows version and you’re good to go. Note that this software suits you if you are a wired user. So the second step is to download the XPadder software to your computer. Then you need to purchase Xbox wireless gaming receiver and this will suit the needs of wireless users. And the last thing you need is the Splashtop app for iPad. Or if you need an iPhone version you can buy it too. So these are all the stuff you need for how to use Xbox controller with iPhone and iPad. Please watch below 2 detailed tutorial videos by MattT523:

The second video has long explanations with all the stuff;

Playing Games with Xbox Controller

The best games for use with an Xbox controller are typically driving style games and games that require advanced controls or input, such as sports games. The built-in controls on the iPad and iPhone are limited by the touch-screen only input, which can make it difficult to control a vehicle or input precise movements on the games you’re playing. Using an Xbox controller can fix this problem as you will have precise control using the analog stick controls, making it much easier and more fun to play your favorite games.

Don’t Turn Off Your Device During Flight , Turn Your Airplane Mode On!

Anyone that has been aboard a flight in the last few years has heard the same message from stewardesses or pilots in regards to electronic devices every single time before takeoff. Right in between where they tell you that you need to have your seatbelt on throughout the duration of the flight whenever the light is on, that a meal will or will not be served, and that your seat cushion can be used as a flotation device in the event of an emergency they tell you that you must have your phones, computers, or tablets off during takeoff and landing. And this is where airplane mode comes in play in regards to the iPhone.

So What is airplane mode on iPhone?
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What is TTY on iPhone?

Out of users who are new to their iPhone have begun to see a TTY simple pop-up in the status bar in specific areas, and aren’t quite sure of what exactly is going on with their new phone. Don’t worry, there is nothing strange or negative going on inside your phone – it simply a system designed specifically to help people who are hearing impaired or legally deaf to more easily use their cell phone. Enabling the use of hearing impaired people to communicate through the telephone (allowing them to text voice messages to users who have TTY enabled on their device and allowing others to speak and have that communication transcribed on the fly so that they can read it on their own devices), TTY is a relatively new invention that has changed the way that people use their smart phones.
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