iPhone 11 Specs, Camera, Price, Launch Date

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iPhone 11 Specs, Camera, Price, Launch Date


The crazy lines in front of apple stores, online bookings and a great business of buying/sale of iPhone fever is going to be back soon with the launch of iPhone 11. Its features are more amazing and classier than its predecessors. iPhone 11 is expected to have more advanced features, better storage capacity, camera features etc.

Brief Description of iPhone 11:

If you are buying a smartphone for the first time, we suggest you to go through specifications of each smartphone you are interested in. iPhone 11 is a top topic these days. iPhone 11 is very costly too. You must know its specifications. Then, you must decide what to buy.

Following, rumored specification of iPhone 11 have been detailed:


iPhone has been manufactured by Apple. This is called an Apple’s Product.

Display, Storage Capacity, RAM (Random Access Memory) and Screen Size of  iPhone 11:

It is rumored that iPhone 11 will have 5.8-inch display with 1125 x 2346 pixels resolution. It means that iPhone 11 will have super retina HD display. It is expected that iPhone storage capacity will be 64GB and its RAM will be 3GB.

Camera of iPhone 11:

Camera of iPhone 11 will be triple camera system and dual camera, which will be equipped with 12MP/1 um CIS able to take wide angle shots. It is said that iPhone 11 camera will be adorned with special features such as quad-LED True Tone Flash, dual OIS, 4K video recording, portrait mode, continuous shooting etc. It is being forecasted that front-selfie camera will go up from 7 to 12 megapixels. Thus, new iPhone will upgrade to 7MP CIS+4P lens.

Battery of iPhone 11:

According to rumors, iPhone 11 will have big battery – about 25% battery boost. iPhone 11 will come with the Li-ion non-removable battery. 

Colors of iPhone 11:

It is suggested that iPhone 11 will come with different colors options. These colors are White, Black, Green and Gold. There might be different green color tones available also for customers to choose. It is not clear whether there will be just dark green color or different tones of green color available.

Connectivity Options:

iPhone 11 can be connected through many ways. iPhone 11 connectivity options include USB, Bluetooth, WiFi, GPRS, EDGE and 4G. The WiFi can be connected in both ways: direct and through WiFi hotspots.

Operating System Of iPhone 11:

iPhone xi will have latest iOS 13, which will be smoother and sharper than its predecessors. This upgrade makes sure that the Apple customers get the best.

Sensors of iPhone 11:

Like all other smartphones, iPhone 11 will be equipped with many sensors also. iPhone will have FaceID, Face Detection, Fingerprint sensors etc.

Price of iPhone 11:

Like all its predecessors, iPhone 11 will be very expensive. It is rumored that its price will begin from US $1000. It can be higher than $1000. It must be noticed that it is just an estimated price.

iPhone 11 Release Date of 2019:

It is being suspected that iPhone 11 will be launched in September/October 2019 (second part of 2019). The most expected launch date is 7/September/2019.

Special Feature of iPhone 11:

This smartphone will be dust and water resistant, saving thousands of customer’s thousand dollars.


You must not be puzzled about whether to choose iPhone 11 or not. Its specifications declare that iPhone 11 is the best choice to make.

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