5 iPad Cleaning Tips

The more you use your iPad, the dirtier it will get. Like most other users, you probably take it everywhere with you, in the kitchen, in the bathroom, at the cafe, at the workplace, in the park, in the car, and in a dozen other places. All that fingering will grime the screen sooner or later. Here are some tips that will help you on proper iPad cleaning;


  1. Turn off your device and remove from it any cords connected to it. You should not clean your iPad while it’s plugged to electricity.
  2. For best results use a high-quality microfiber cloth made specially for touchscreens. Use it dry or dipped in tepid water, depending on how dirty the screen is. Such a cloth is included in the iPad package. Another type of cloth that will do is a lens cloth, the kind that you use to clean your eyeglasses.
  3. Remove manually any debris or large dust particles before putting the microfiber cloth to good use. Although the iPad screen is highly resistent to scratches, you don’t want to rub abrasives over it.
  4. Never clean your iPad with alcohol, ammonia, solvents, aerosol sprays, or any type of cleaning solutions you use for your home. Window cleaners, in particular, can dull the screen and sometimes even damage it. There are on the market various products designed specially for touchscreens and the like. Use them with care. The fact is that you don’t really need them – a wet microfiber cloth is enough. But make sure moisture doesn’t get into the iPad opening. That is to say, don’t spray water on the screen. iPad’s screen may be though, but the components inside the case are as vulnerable to moisture.
  5. Don’t place your iPad screen directly on the table when you clean the back of the case. Abrasive particles may lay on the tabletop, and they can scratch the screen. Always lay your device on a clean soft cloth or a towel.

Finally, if you don’t have a case already, it’s time to grab one. There are plenty on the market, many of them at an affordable price. You have no excuse for not using one.

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