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7 Inspiring Ways to Use the iPad in Schools

Schools that allow students and teachers to use the iPad in the classrooms can improve the efficiency of their education. Although more and more schools embrace the iPad, its implementation in the classroom is a slow, gradual process.


Here are 7 inspiring ways to use the iPad in schools without inquiring costly investments.

✔     Increase the students’ interest in seemingly boring subjects. There are beautiful and fun math and chemistry and physics apps out there with stunning visuals that can make students a lot more interested in areas of study that would otherwise bore most of them rigid.

✔     Make the classrooms paperless. One of the great ways to use the iPad in schools is by turning it into a substitute for binders and exam pages, removing the need for paper in the school room. For schools that want to go green, the iPad immensely useful.

✔     Turn the iPad into a more engaging textbook. More and more schools are doing it in order to increase student engagement, save up storage space, and reduce paper usage.

✔     Track student attendance. A simple to use app like Attendance enables teachers to keep track of the participation of students in class. This is another simple and useful way to use the iPad in schools.

✔     Poll students on subject- and school-related topics. Free polling apps for the iPad enable the staff of a school to carry out quick assessments in order to discover what the students know and don’t know, what they want, how interested they are in school activities and so on.

✔     Assist students with special needs. App Store features several apps designed specially for children with learning disabilities, and especially for those who have trouble speaking, learning how to read and write, and doing sums.

✔     Take students on virtual tours of popular museums. Few schools can afford to send students to tours to the Louvre or the British Museum, but with the iPad is possible to create virtual tools via Skype and other apps.

There are many more ways to use the iPad in schools to improve presentations, nurture creativity, promote writing and science programs, engage the disengaged, and enhance physical training programs; interested schools will quickly discover them. The iPad can be of great use to schools that know how to implement it in their classrooms.


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