7 iPhotography Tips and Tricks For Taking Better Pictures Outdoors

Taking pictures with the iPhone is easy, fast, and convenient, and the built-in camera is good enough to replace your conventional camera. If you take most of your photos outdoors, you should consider the following iPhotography tips and tricks – they will help you capture better pictures.


  1. Never use digital zoom. It’s bad on all cameras, and on the iPhone it’s quite terrible. The photo quality will suffer enormously. Zoom in using your feet, or when that is not possible, use the cropping feature in your photo editing software – it can yield a similar effect without degrading the image quality.
  2. Take your photos with the flash turned off, that is to say, turn the Auto flash off. Using the flash outdoors during the day usually causes glare or a washout effect, and quite often red eyes as well. Turn on the flash only when taking photos at night, or on a particularly cloudy day.
  3. Don’t use any filters or special effects. Take the photos using the normal mode, and then if you want to add filters or special effects do it with your preferred photo editing tool. In this way you’ll get much better results.
  4. Activate the grid to improve your focus, and line of your subjects. This is one of those simple iPhotography tips and tricks that can make your photography a lot better.
  5. Upgrade to iOS 6 if you don’t have it already so you can capture spectacular panoramic views with Panorama. And here’s a tip when using Panorama mode: tap the arrow to switch direction.
  6. Take less shaky photos by not tapping the shutter but simply releasing it to take the photo. And just to be safe, always take multiple photos of the same subject.
  7. Use a more advanced camera app like Camera+ instead of the default app if you’re serious about taking photos with your iPhone. You’ll be able to set exposure and focus separately, and configure additional camera settings as well.

The 7 iPhotography tips and tricks above will help you take better photos, but you have to remember that practice makes perfect. The more you practice iPhotography, the better your shots will be.

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