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8 Questions to Ask Before Buying a Used iPhone

There are many people out there who sell older iPhones in excellent condition in order to afford to buy a newer release of the popular device. If you want an iPhone but are not willing to pay the full price, buying an older release is a great idea. Ask the questions below and you will make a good purchase.


  • Why is this person selling me his iPhone?

It might be because he or she needs cash for an emergency or to buy a newer iPhone or maybe an iPad. Or maybe the battery is about to die, or the device makes some quirky sounds when turned upside down…

  • How old is the device?

Think twice before buying a device older than 18 months. Although it might look like new, the battery is probably bad.

  • Is the battery alright?

iPhone batteries don’t last too long, and you can’t replace them yourself if they die. Usually, the more the iPhone has been used, the weaker its battery. The only way to figure out if the battery is okay is by testing the device for a few days. Not all sellers will let you do this though.

  • Is the screen scratched?

Don’t buy a used iPhone with a screen that has one or more visible scratches. Those scratches will likely affect the functioning of the touchscreen.

  • Is the case damaged?

If the device hasn’t been kept in a protective case and used with care, it probably is. A few small and thin scratches that are barely perceptible add to the personality of the device – they’re ok. Make sure the camera is not scratched though.

  • How much storage does it have?

The first iPhones offer significantly less storage than current models. A device with only 4GB of storage space might not accommodate your on-the-go media library.

  • Is the camera okay?

The early iPhones had rather poor cameras. If you plan to use your iPhone as a camera, invest in a last generation model.

  • Are the features good enough for me?

Not all iPhone versions can record video, support voice memos, or offer true GPS. Make sure to ask about the features before buying or else you might be disappointed.

Prefer a seller who lets you see and test the device before you buy it. If you grab it from eBay or other auction site you will only get a few photos and a product description, and they can be misleading.

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