9 Fascinating Facts About iDevices

Want to know more about three legendary Apple devices, the iPod, the iPhone, and the iPad? Here are some fascinating facts about iDevices, from usage and sales figures to miscellaneous info.5

  1.  The iPods sold in France are less ‘noisy’ than those sold in the US. Volume is restricted by law in France, and music players cannot exceed 100 decibels. The US doesn’t have this restriction, and ‘American’ iPods reach 120 decibels.
  2. The most expensive component of the iPhone is, unsurprisingly, the touch screen. The iPhone screen, known not only for its beauty but also for its durability, has a manufacturing cost of around $35.
  3. iPod batteries can last between two weeks and four weeks if they are not used at all, making the iPod an ideal device to take with you during long travels or expeditions. Newer generations of the iPod, however, come with extra features that slowly drain the battery even when the device is turned off.
  4. The all-time most popular color for the iPod nano is black, while the least popular color is gold. And keep this in mind: some of the earlier models of the iPod Shuffle that were magenta-colored changed their hue to pink when recharging.
  5. More than 25 billion iPad and iPhone apps have been downloaded from the App Store since its inception. People spend around $1 million every day on apps for iOS devices.
  6. Many iPhone users still don’t know that when they lift the device to their year the display is automatically turned off.
  7. The iPhone has changed the way people take photos, so much so that now 27% of photos are taken using a smartphone. Despite this fact though, many people still complain about the quality of the iPhone camera.
  8. Forty-four percent of iPhone users sell their old device when buying a new one, usually through an auction site like eBay.
  9. iPod sales have significantly declined since the release of the iPhone. Many millions of people from around the world still use the iPod, but if the iPod will ever die, it will probably be because of the iPhone.

So long as Apple devices remain popular, there will always be plenty of fascinating facts about iDevices around. Keep and eye out for them when surfing the web. They are bound to pop up from time to time.

We hope you have enjoyed the fascinating facts about iDevices presented above.


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