Apple and OpenAI: Potential Collab for Enhanced Siri in iOS 18

Apple is going to focus more on artificial intelligence (AI) in its future OS installation – iOS 18 tells everything else apart from a few HTML tags your browser supports so well! A new report claims that this means a partnership between them and OpenAI to make sure such agreements make a profit through improving Apple AAs for instance. So far, it looks as if this would be one of those moments when everything changes concerning how this particular company uses artificial intelligence within its operating systems even though we’re still not sure about many things related to such improvements.

AI Integration Goals for iOS 18

Apple aims to introduce generative AI not only in iOS 18 but also in other platforms. So far, Apple has focused on smaller, on-device AI models, unlike its competitors who have deployed large language models (LLMs). Consequently, there were speculations about Apple’s potential partnerships with companies like Google or Microsoft for more advanced cloud-based AI. However, a strong rumor now indicates that Apple might have struck a deal with Microsoft-backed OpenAI.

Potential Agreement with OpenAI

There have been some rumors about a possible use of the GPT technology by OpenAI in iOS 18 by Apple. According to a report from The Information, this supposedly started around the time of last year’s WWDC. According to this report, Sam Altman (OpenAI CEO) had discussions with Apple’s machine learning team during mid-2023 and he met other OpenAI members at the same time. A pact was allegedly reached between the two parties which allowed Apple to use OpenAI’s APIs. This access would enable Apple engineers to integrate ChatGPT with Siri, enhancing the assistant’s ability to handle more complex queries.

The Consequences of the Apple and OpenAI Agreement

While the exact terms of the alleged agreement between Apple and OpenAI are uncertain, LLM may not replace Siri. There are indications that Apple will rely on ChatGPT, which is a server application, to answer user questions than neither app nor research. Therefore, the arrangement with OpenAI might encompass facets broader than voice assistance alone one knows for sure, but OpenAI’s resources may underlie Apple’s new AI-based functions. All other information will be released during WWDC on June 10.

Microsoft’s Reaction

Observing how Microsoft will react to that potential agreement will be interesting. This company has invested heavily in OpenAI ($13 billion), and currently holds exclusive arrangements with them, permitting only the use of Azure servers by OpenAI. The latter in turn provides AI functionality for some of its platforms like Copilot. But apart from that, there is no restriction on OpenAI from collaborating with other firms thus allowing the latter to be self-sufficient. This autonomy has enabled OpenAI to potentially explore partnerships with other tech giants, including Apple.

To sum up, a prospective collaboration between Apple and OpenAI may redefine the integration of AI in the Apple ecosystem. The tech world eagerly awaits detailed announcements during the next WWDC to witness what this alliance holds for them and its implications for these two companies and the rest of the AI-related industry.

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