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Apple Intelligence Exclusive to iPhone 15 Pro and Above

In the WWDC 2024 keynote, Apple unveiled a novel feature dubbed Apple Intelligence. It represents a breakthrough in AI and greatly improves the way users interact with their devices. Yet only certain gadgets will support this pioneering Apple Intelligence feature. In particular iPhones 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max alongside M1 or newer chipped Macs and iPads.

Device Requirements for Apple Intelligence

Apple Intelligence uses big natural language models to significantly enhance the user experience. Yet, a lot is necessary to keep such models running. As Apple’s AI and machine learning guru John Giannandrea puts it, various factors determine the successful running of large language models such as the device bandwidth, the size of the Apple Neural Engine, and the device’s processing power which is very crucial in this process. Older devices, while theoretically capable of running these models, lack the necessary speed, rendering the models impractical.

Not a Strategy to Boost Sales

Some individuals may think that Apple limiting Apple Intelligence to the newer devices is a ploy to boost iPhone numbers sales, but Greg Joswiak, Apple’s marketing chief states that several iPad and Mac devices have been left behind; Craig Federighi, who serves as chief software engineer further explains that the essence of introducing new modifications is to ensure uniformity across all gadgets despite the fact said changes might not be supported in older ones Nevertheless, Apple Intelligence still needs its kind of accessories.

The A17 Pro Chip Advantage

iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max equipped with the A17 Pro are the very first gadgets to be able to give support to Apple Intelligence. The chip inside it has a 16-core Neural Engine that can execute 35 trillion operations every second. Furthermore, they are equipped with a minimum of 8GB of RAM which is essential for the smooth operation of this AI.

Features for Non-Compatible Devices

For users whose devices are incompatible with Apple Intelligence, iOS 18 still offers a plethora of new features. These include home screen customization, an overhauled Mail app, RCS support for Messages, enhancements to Safari, privacy features, and Maps. These features will be available on all devices supporting iOS 17, including the iPhone XR released in 2018.

Apple Intelligence in conclusion is a big step forward for AI in general, but needs specific components such as iPhone 15 Pro among others so that its full potential can be exploited. However, this should not worry anyone who has an older model because they still stand to gain a lot at the time when iOS 18 comes out.

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