Apple Music to Receive New Features in iOS 18 Update

Technologies like AI have brought significant improvements in software development. While there is a lot of promise in the impact of AI on software development, the reality is still far from meeting expectations. This post talks about some ways through which AI can impact software development as well as some of its limitations today.

Advanced Song Transitions

Currently, Apple Music has the crossfade feature – it gradually adjusts the volume levels of songs for seamless transitions between them. With the iOS 18 update, Apple Music will introduce some modifications called “smart song transitions”. When you use this feature, you can choose how long should their crossfades be: from 1 second to 12 seconds – whichever you like best! Smoothness and plans for the future

Apple Music has cleverly designed song switchovers. These switchovers enhance the quality of sound you hear. They align the sound output levels across different songs with precision. As a song is about to end, the volume gradually decreases on its own. Before it starts increasing again at the beginning of the next one on the queue. One way to ensure consecutive songs flow seamlessly is by eliminating breaks. This also enhances the listening experience. Making transitions between songs imperceptible. This move shows how much Apple pays attention to trying to make things even better each day.

Introduction of the Passthrough Feature

A remarkable extension brought to iOS 18 Apple Music is Passthrough. This novelty will work only on compatible hardware and will seamlessly integrate with Spatial Audio and Dolby Atmos technology. We don’t know much about what Passthrough does, but people say it enhances sound output and makes it more lively or real for listeners. Still, an improved auditory experience awaits those who use it.

Speculations on “Spatial Game” Feature

Rumor has it that Apple is also working on a “Spatial Game” function besides the talked of updates. The few details regarding the functioning of this feature suggest it may apply Apple’s Spatial Audio technology for an immersive gaming experience nevertheless we expect more information about it following this year’s WWDC 2024.”

In Closing

According to the recent announcement made by the company, iOS 18 is about to be released. This update will contain several amazing features for Apple Music service subscribers such as intelligent song segues and Passthrough mode. There has been a lot of buzz around these changes because they are made to make users feel more comfortable while listening to their favorite tracks or albums on Apple Music. So, very soon there will be even more new functions and enhancements for all other system applications developed by Apple Inc. The presentation of iOS 18 can be watched live online or at WWDC 2018 which will start this June.

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