Apple Releases iOS 17.5 RC Version: Discover the Innovations for iPhones

Following the May 7th iPad event, Apple swiftly rolled out the iOS 17.5 RC version for iPhones. This release mirrors the final version of iOS 17.5. But what are the latest enhancements?

Reveiling New Features

Apple launched the iOS 17.5 RC version shortly after introducing the M4 iPad Pro and M2 iPad Air models, along with new accessories. This pre-final release, available to beta testers, introduces a few new features alongside bug fixes and security updates. Notably, it includes a new repair status feature and a fresh Pride wallpaper for the lock screen.

What’s Included in iOS 17.5 Update?

iOS 17.5 introduces Web Distribution support, enabling iPhone users in the EU to download apps directly from websites outside of alternative app stores. However, currently, no developers are utilizing this new Web Distribution feature. Additionally, Apple has added a new word game to the Apple News+ app for subscribers in the United States and Canada.

Focus on Tracking Prevention

A significant addition in iOS 17.5 is a new system focused on tracking prevention for accessories like AirTags. This development follows Apple’s announcement of a collaboration with Google to combat unwanted tracking devices.

Noteworthy Innovation: Repair Status Feature

The iOS 17.5 update introduces the new repair status feature, a significant innovation. Therefore, users no longer need to disable Find My before sending their iPhones for repair. Apple technicians can verify ownership and proceed without requiring Find My or Lost Mode disabled. Moreover, the release of iOS 17.5 RC version aims to enhance user experience. Furthermore, it includes improved tracking prevention and a convenient repair status feature. Finally, these updates streamline functionality and security, providing users greater peace of mind.

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