Apple Rolls Out iOS 17.4 Update: Discover the Latest Features for iPhones

Apple has officially released the highly anticipated iOS 17.4 update, marking a groundbreaking move. However, this latest update is the fourth major iteration for iOS 17 and iPadOS 17. It introduces significant changes to the App Store and applications within the European Union. Moreover, the update brings forth many features designed to enhance user experience and security. In addition to this, users can expect improvements that prioritize both functionality and safety. Furthermore, Apple’s commitment to innovation is evident in this release, aiming to provide an optimal experience.

iOS 17.4 Features Unveiled

1. New Emoji Characters

Among the noteworthy enhancements in iOS 17.4 are the introduction of fresh emoji characters, adding a touch of creativity and diversity to user conversations.

2. Transcription Feature for Apple Podcasts

One of the standout features is a transcription option for Apple Podcasts. While it’s essential to note that this feature currently lacks Turkish language support, it signals Apple’s commitment to accessibility and inclusivity in media consumption.

3. Music Recognition Integration

iOS 17.4 elevates the music recognition experience by seamlessly adding identified songs to Apple Music playlists and libraries. This enhancement further solidifies Apple’s dedication to creating a cohesive and integrated ecosystem for its users.

4. Enhanced Find My Device Security

The Find My Device Protection now boasts heightened security options across all locations. This improvement addresses the need for comprehensive protection against device theft or loss.

5. Streamlined Battery Health Information

Specifically catering to iPhone 15 and 15 Pro users, iOS 17.4 centralizes battery health information within the Settings menu. This streamlined approach provides users with convenient access to crucial data about their device’s power longevity.

6. Apple Cash Virtual Card Creation

Introducing a novel feature, iOS 17.4 empowers users to generate virtual cards through Apple Cash, enhancing the flexibility and convenience of digital transactions.

7. Resolved Issues in Find My

Addressing user concerns, the iOS 17.4 update rectifies the problem of person images not displaying in Find My, ensuring a seamless and reliable experience for Apple device users.

Transformative Changes in the European Union

App Store Revolution

In tandem with the iOS 17.4 release, Apple heralds a transformative era for the App Store and applications within the European Union. Moreover, this update introduces a series of comprehensive changes, unlocking new possibilities for users and developers alike.

Alternative App Stores for iPhones

A pivotal development is the allowance of alternative application stores for iPhones within the European Union. This move provides users with a more open ecosystem, fostering competition and innovation.

Expanded Payment System Options

iOS 17.4 breaks new ground by enabling alternative payment systems for applications in the EU. Furthermore, this change is poised to reshape the digital economy within the App Store, offering users and developers increased flexibility.

Third-Party Browser Engine Support

Apple’s commitment to diversity is evident in the inclusion of third-party browser engine support in iOS and iPadOS. Also, this evolution opens up possibilities for users to choose browsers that align with their preferences.

NFC Access for Banks and Payment Providers

In a strategic move, Apple extends NFC access for banks and third-party payment providers, enhancing the integration of financial services within its ecosystem.

However, it’s crucial to emphasize that these transformative features are exclusive to the European Union, with no impact on users in Turkey.

Global Impact on Gaming

While the aforementioned changes primarily pertain to the EU, a global shift is observed in the realm of gaming applications.

Cloud Gaming Access

Apple’s decision to permit cloud gaming applications such as Xbox Cloud Gaming and Nvidia GeForce NOW signifies a meaningful change for gamers worldwide. As a result, this move enhances the gaming experience for users, allowing for seamless integration of cloud gaming services.

In-App Purchases for Mini Games, Chatbots, and Add-ons

iOS 17.4 expands the in-app purchase system to include mini-games, chatbots, and add-ons. This update transforms the way users engage with and enhance their gaming experiences, promoting a more dynamic and user-friendly environment.


Apple’s iOS 17.4 update represents a pivotal milestone in its operating system and ecosystem evolution. However, within the European Union, transformative changes are notable, setting a high standard for user experience, accessibility, and security. Moreover, as users globally adopt these innovations, Apple unmistakably leads in technological advancement. Furthermore, the company shapes the future of mobile computing, remaining at the forefront of the industry. As a result, Apple’s commitment to innovation solidifies its position as a trendsetter in the ever-evolving tech landscape.

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