Apple Watch Series 6 Release Date and Rumors

The next Apple Watch will not be presented for several months, certainly at the same time as the famous iPhone 12, 12 Pro, and 12 Pro Max. There is still a lot of speculation surrounding this new connected watch. We have compiled some information based on the latest patents, rumors, and Apple.

Apple Watch 6 Spec Rumors

Apple Watch 6 Price

As for the price, it should cost at least as much as the Apple Watch 5, which means a starting price of at least $ 399 / £ 399 / AU $ 649.

The Look

Except for a few minor changes, such as a larger screen, different materials, and various straps, the look of the watch hasn’t changed much. It has trained the same look since Apple launched the first version in 2014. And this year will be no different.

Rumors of a circular dial have been circulating for a few years now. Some of its counterparts offer a design of this type, so it would not be too much of an exaggeration to think that Apple could follow suit. For now, this is only a possibility; the existence of a patent does not guarantee that Apple will use it in a product. Also, even if one of these patents became a reality, it would likely take years. A change of this magnitude would require Apple to rework the hardware and software.

New dials, but no store

The Apple Watch has tons of customizable dials ranging from Disney characters to weather-oriented interfaces. But Apple hasn’t released the reins to integrate dials from third-party developers, and we don’t see that changing anytime soon.

A new fitness app

The Apple Watch 6 could go even further in monitoring sports activities. Unlike the existing application which tracks your progress and which is already on the Apple Watch (and the iPhone), it would give you guided training for various activities such as running, cycling, rowing, bodybuilding, dance, and yoga.

Natively integrated sleep tracking

This year could be the year when Apple Watch will have a sleep tracking system. Since the acquisition of the Beddit sensor in 2017, a system that is placed under the mattress, rumors have circulated about the integration of similar functionality in the Apple Watch Series 6. A “Sleep app” has also been accidentally mentioned in a screenshot of the Alarm app. The image was spotted by a MacRumors reader last October and has since been removed.

Blood oxygen levels

Even if the 6 Series doesn’t have a sleep tracking system, Apple will likely continue to develop health-related functions. The big news this year could be something called SPO2 tracking. This would allow the watch to measure your oxygen level in the blood and alert you if it drops below a certain threshold. Apple Watch is already doing something similar to heart rate by alerting you if it detects an abnormally high, low, or irregular heartbeat. Either way, to make this possible, the Apple Watch Series 6 will require a new sensor.

An Apple Watch 6 suitable for children?

Rather than giving an iPhone to their children, parents who want to stay in touch with their children could offer an Apple Watch using their iPhone and their Apple ID as host. A SchoolTime function would even allow parents to determine which applications can be used at what times to limit distractions in the classroom.

Apple Watch 6 Release Date

Apple normally organizes its iPhone launch in September of each year. The next iteration of the Apple Watch series is usually announced at the same time. This Apple launch event often takes place in the second week of September, usually on a Tuesday. Due to this reason, we are placing our money on September 8, 2020 at the moment. We do not expect anything to be officially confirmed until August 2020.Although rumors suggest that the launch may be delayed due to the current world situation, but this remains speculation.

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