Apple’s Chinese Manufacturing Partners are Warming up for Iphone 5s

As you know, most Apple’s mobile products are made by the Chinese brand named Foxconn. In recent years, employees of Foxconn are working under poor conditions. Because Foxconn is planning to make the production robotized. However, it seems that the priority of producing the iPhone 5 without a delay comes first. The whole production of the iPhone 5 is in China. Largan Precision is making the camera lenses, G-Tech Optoelectronics is making the glass work, Simplo & Dynapack is the battery manufacturer and TPK is producing the touchscreen of iPhones. And finally Foxconn is assembling all parts together. All these companies are working at full capacity for Apple.



As for the Apple’s new generation iPhone 5s, rumors are saying that the arrangements for the production of iPhone 5s have already done with Foxconn and other busy partners. Apple is preparing a launch for iPhone 5s in June 2013. Foxconn will produce 6 million iPhone 5 by the end of this month and until the end of 2013, it is expected to complete the production of 22 million iPhone 5. And for the iPhone 5s we could easily say that there will be an over capacity production in 2013 by the Chinese manufacturers.

Evren Elveren

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