Awesome iPad Design Apps for the Creative iPad Lovers

Are you a brand new startup looking for a great new logo? Or are you a flustered graphic designer trying to provide logos for several startups? Well, in either case, inspiration is a pretty hard thing to come by. However, I have some iPhone apps that will help you unlock the creativity gates. Following is a list of iPad design apps that are great for everyone, including novices and professionals. Get your creative side in gear and make your iPad the canvas.

Adobe Ideas

If you are a seasoned graphic designer, chances are that you already have this app on your iPad/iPhone. However, if you are just taking baby steps into mobile creativity, then Adobe Ideas is a fantastic platform for you. Adobe gives you a spectacular free form vector application that helps you churn out complex designs and logos at will. This app is free, which makes it super sweet.

Flowboard-Touch Publishing

This great publishing app for iPad devices effectively turns words and pictures into a brilliant magazine spread. Users can now create highly professional looking presentations, catalogs, and albums right out of their iPad. The easy drag and drop feature makes the Flowboard a great tool for budding graphic artists.


You post a new creation on Facebook and it gets shared by many. That’s a good thing, but problem comes when they don’t give you the credit. What you need is a proper watermarking app. Marksta lets you add a watermark or a customized border that makes the photos hard to duplicate. So now you can safely post your creations on Facebook, and no one would be able to copy them. This app even keeps the original image safe.


iMockups for iPad

Web designers around the world surely have this app pre-loaded onto their devices. its customizable user interface along with easy controls allow you to add, modify, or remove features of the marquee. Flicker between panels and use the wide selection of dynamic controls to bring out the inspirational magic to create cool mockups.


Typography aficionados can now happily create their very own font systems with the iFontMaker. Creating a completely original font is now just a matter of minutes. Your personalized font can also be a great way to make your blog even more personal.

Quark DesignPad

This robust workhorse app gives the user a great amount of control over design. The full-featured application gives you great professional grade graphic design tools. You can also share your design ideas onto social media very easily.

Do you know some other graphic iPhone or iPad design apps? Which ones do you prefer the most? Do let us know through comments.

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