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Best iPad and iPhone Projector

Owning an iPhone or iPad allows you to accomplish many things and improve your productivity dramatically.  There are a wide array of accessories on the market that are designed to further improve the functionality and usefulness of your iPad or iPhone.  One of the most useful accessories is the iPad and iPhone projector.  These allow you to display what is currently on your devices screen to a larger audience by projecting the image onto a wall or board.

What are iPhone Projectors?

A projector built for the iPad or iPhone is designed to allow you to project what is currently showing on your phone and transform it into a much bigger picture, many times up to 50 inches, which is then shown against a wall, board or other non-descript object.  Most projectors for the iPhone or iPad are very small and are extremely easy to use.  Simply dock your device into the projector and aim and focus the projector where you want the picture to show.  The market for these types of projectors is growing quickly, and their popularity is rising among college-aged students.

Top 5 Projectors

Below is a short compilation of the top 5 iPhone and iPad projectors currently on the market.

Brookstone Pocket Projector for iPhone 4 ($169) – This projector allows for easy docking with your iPhone and its native 640×360 resolution allows for images to be displayed up to 50 inches across.  Great for business presentations and college speeches.


Ipico Projector for iPhone ($99) – This is a hand-held projector for your iPhone or iPod which allows you to project whatever is on your phone’s screen to a wall with images up to 50 inches across.


BenQ Joybee GP2 iPhone Projector ($280) – If you’re looking for a high-end iPhone projector then look no further.  Simply dock your iPhone or iPad to the Joybee GP2 and watch as whatever is on your screen comes to life.


Optoma Neo-I iPhone and iPad Projector ($270) – This projector utilizes PICO LED technology to display images much more brightly and brilliantly than ever before.


AAXA P4 Pico DLP Projector ($299) – This is the world’s brightest battery powered hand-held projector! Now that one has the benefit of being very portable while still giving off a crisp and clear image.


Owning a iPad and iPhone projector is very useful for many situations including business presentations, college speeches, high school presentations or any other situation where people need to see what’s on your phone.

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  2. When you get your iphone 6 let me know!!! I want one too!

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