Choosing the best iPad and iPhone Quadcopter

Choosing the best iPhone and iPad Quadcopter

Thanks to the two wars that we have been fighting for a bit longer than a decade we’ve been exposed to a ridiculous amount of truly incredible technologies that many of us simply were unaware of. And while most of these have not captured the public’s attention in any real way, the fact of the matter is that the drones we’ve been using have become front and center of the war on terror.
And regardless of which side of the fence you land on when it comes to the use of drones, most of us feel a little excitement at the opportunity to control our very own miniature drones – even if they are nowhere near as capable or as armed as the military options out there today.

Investing in an iPhone & iPad Quadcopter gives us the chance to control our own drone

Pretty cool and amazingly innovative technologies that look like for helicopter blades strapped together with a central control module in the middle, Quadcopters have become a gigantic smash hit with consumers all over the United States looking to have a little bit more fun as and they would with their remote control cars. Allowing us to take to the skies just as we would as a dedicated drone pilot, there are a number of products out there that can be controlled entirely from an iPhone or iPad – and absolutely nothing else.

The first thing you’ll want to look for in a Quadcopter is that it works with the technologies that you’ve already invested in – namely the iPad and iPhone version that you currently have. Pretty new technologies, there’s a good chance that in these products won’t work with first generation iPads or any iPhones made before the iPhone 4, though you’ll still want to check the specifications before you pull the trigger.

You’ll also want to make sure that whatever purchase you decide to make has the kind of range that you’re looking for – some of them rely entirely on a Bluetooth connection to your device while others can use Wi-Fi or cellular connections as well.

Here are the top three iPhone quadcopter options that iPhonePedia chose for you;

Parrot AR.Drone 2 Quadricopter ($299.99) – This Quadcopter can get high definition live video streaming to your smartphone or tablet as you are flying. See a clean, sharp image just as if you were in the pilot seat.


BLADE mQX RTF ($149.99) – It’s an RC flying experience unlike any other. It’s the exciting Blade® mQX—the world’s first quad-copter equipped with the advanced AS3X® (Artificial Stabilization 3-aXis) System. The sense of precise control this system gives an mQX pilot rivals that of bigger quad-copters that cost a whole lot more.


Gaui 500X Quadflyer ($399) – The Gaui 500X Quadflyer is a workhorse with a payload capacity of up to 2,2Kg (that’s 4,4 pounds!). Yes this is the perfect model if your looking for a stable platform for DSLR photography or video.

gaui 500x

Finally, it’s a good idea to read as many reviews about Quadcopters as you possibly can to get a feel for how easy – or difficult – they are two pilot and navigate. After all, you’re going to be controlling these from a touchscreen device that doesn’t have the same kind of tactile feel you might be expecting – a feature that you’ll have to really look into.

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