Choosing the Best iPod Turntable

The iPod has changed and revolutionized the music industry ever since its original release in the early 2000s. There have been numerous devices and accessories designed to complement the power and functionality of the iPod. One of the most interesting accessories are iPod turntables. iPod turntables are useful for aspiring DJ’s that want a low-cost option for practicing their moves and getting their beats right. There are numerous turntables on the market, with each one offering its own advantages, disadvantages and features. This article will briefly describe and review the top three iPod turntables on the market today.

Ion USB iPod Turntable ($138)

The Ion USB iPod Turntable is a mid-range option that includes numerous features including the ability to record directly to your iPod, ability to record directly to your PC using a USB cable, and 33 and 45 RPM belt-drive which gives crystal clear sound and clarity on all your old vinyl records. It includes an iPod dock which makes it easy to securely connect your iPod for all of your turntable action. Comes with conversion software which makes it quick and easy to transfer your recorded music directly from the turntable onto your iPod or into iTunes.


Numark iDJ Live DJ Controller for iPod ($80)

This iPod turntable allows you to select any song from your iPod and easily mix and match it with your favorite beats using the built-in turntable mechanism. It comes with a connector cord for your iPod allowing you to choose any song you want to mix. Includes two large, touch sensitive scratch wheels which mimic the real things by providing real feedback and sensitivity. Also comes with a crossfader feature which allows you to quickly switch between songs and beats without having to stop and change settings or selections on your iPod.


Numark iDJ3 ($199.99)

If you’re looking for a high-end turntable for use with your iPod then look no further than the Numark iDJ3. This unit includes two large, touch sensitive turntables that are ideal for scratching and mixing your favorite beats. Includes a dock that makes it easy to connect your iPod to the DJ station. You are able to mix and scratch any song on your iPod and then save it back onto your iPod so you can listen to it later. Includes software which makes it easy to integrate music from your iTunes library for use with the turntable.


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