Discover 6 iPod Touch Tricks

As the little brother of the iPhone, iPod Touch is so much more than an iPod Nano. Not only does it let you connect to the Internet and browse the web, but also supports many fun and useful applications. Keep reading to discover 6 iPod Touch tricks.11

1. Access the Mini Music Menu

Double click the Home button when using any application and the Mini Music Menu will appear. With this menu you can choose what music to listen to without having to quit your application. It’s a really handy feature.

2. Make Typing in Safari a Little Easier

Turn your device horizontally to make the keyboard better. As you type, press and hold any letter; a pop-up window with alternate characters will appear, and from it you can choose the letter you want to use. Finally, double tap the spacebar when you type to insert a space and a period and more quickly move on to the next sentence.

3. Delete Emails Quickly

Open the Mail app and identify the email you want to delete. Then slide your finger quickly across the email, and hit delete. This is one of the simplest and most useful iPod Touch tricks you’ll ever hear about.

4. Save Video Playback Position

While watching any type of video, whether a film or a music video, tap the Done button to save the position of the video. Next time you’ll open the video it will resume playing from that position, so that you won’t have to fast forward.

5. Capture a Screenshot

Hold the home button and then click on the sleep button. The screen flashes white and a screenshot is captured. Navigate to Photos > Saved Photos to view the screenshot.

6. Remove Non-Essential iPod Applications

Hold your finger on any app icon until all the icons on the screen jiggle, and then click the X in the corner of the icon. You can also drag and drop apps instead to rearrange them on the screen.

Now that you’ve just discovered 6 simple and useful iPod Touch tricks go and put them to good use.

Chris Page

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