External Audio Support for iPhone

As we all know, the Apple audio quality is beyond any comparison. Their in-ear speakers provide great high fidelity music output for music lovers. However, earphones are not always the best option as they can be enjoyed by just one person (or maybe two) at a time.

The ideal option would be to plug-in an external audio device to enhance the audio so that everyone can enjoy the beats. If you are looking for the best audio system to enjoy with your friends, here is a list of devices that work great with your Apple device.

JBL Micro Wireless ($59.95)

Lightweight, extremely compact, and very portable – the JBL Micro Wireless is an innovation in external audio output device. Easily mountable, you can slip it into your pocket or even clip it on to your hoodie. The Micro Wireless is a great buy for its price and audio quality.


Bose Soundlink Mini ($199.95)

The Bluetooth enabled device from Bose can remember the last six devices that you paired. The Soundlink Mini comes in a sleek aluminum case created to perfection. It is a little on the pricier side, but the overall sound quality is surely a fair compensation for the quality of sound you get.

Beats from Dre Pill ($199.95)

It offers great style and sharp sound. The Pill, unlike its other counterparts, features speakerphone capabilities. Bluetooth connectivity apart, you can even further enhance the audio by connecting additional devices using the audio jack. The middleman feature of the Pill scores a point for it over other such devices.


Divoom Bluetune Solo ($49.99)

The Bluetune is a great speaker that provides a fair amount of sound for the price. It additionally offers greater bass and other frequencies unlike its competitors. The speakers are so small in size that they can be fit into cup holders.


UE Boom ($199.99)

The UE Boom is another highly portable speaker that is also durable for heavy outdoor. Boasting a massive 15-hour battery life, the UE Boom can be carried around in pockets or purses with great ease. The 360 degree speaker ensures great stereophonic sound.


Sony SRS-BTX500 ($299.99)

Although not very portable unlike some of its competitors, the Sony audio system provides enough sound output to effectively fill a room. With USB charging and speakerphone capability, the Sony audio system is loaded with features.

Sony wireless speaker SRS-BTX300

Jawbone Jambox ($179.90)

An optimal speaker, the Jambox gives out a rich sound in detail. Having sleek, easy-to-use, minimalist design, the Jambox is a great speaker for Apple devices. Jawbone also has complementary online apps for the Jambox.


Try one of these awesome audio support devices for your iPhone or iPod and let us know how it worked out.

Aleksandra Mednikova

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