How iPad Books are Changing the Way People Read

eBooks are digital books that can be read on the iPad. They can be purchased from the app store and downloaded onto your iPad for later reading. There are numerous types of books available for purchasing, with almost every single popular paperback book having a digital version as well.

The History of iPad Books

The history of iPad books date back many decades, with the first eBooks originating in the 1980s and 1990s. In 1992 Sony launched their Data Discman, which was capable of displaying print from electronic books stored on CDs. eBooks never became popular until the advent of the internet in the late 90s, which made it much easier to sell, purchase and distribute eBooks among internet users. The eBook and iPad book revolution took off in the late 2000s after the advent of the Amazon Kindle and the iPad, which could display eBooks in extremely high resolutions.

App Store iBooks

iPad books (iBooks for short) are readily available in the app store, the official Apple store that sells all the available apps for the Apple devices. The prices vary depending on the book’s popularity and length. Some books can be obtained for free if they are in the public domain, while other authors who haven’t had success publishing their books may give their book away for free so people can read them. Below are some of the most popular iPad books in the app store today:

  • The Secret Garden – This novel is about an orphan who lives in a home with 100 rooms. Each room contains secrets that lead the orphan to discover her past.
  • The Mystery of the Yellow Room – A French detective novel, this is a very popular free iBook in the app store with thousands of downloads.
  • Main Street – This satire novel from Sinclair Lewis was made to mock what many people thought to be the happy and fulfilling lives people were living in the early 20th century in America.
  • iPad Books
    When it comes to reading iBooks on your iPad you have many different apps to choose from. The official iBooks app from Apple is the most popular and most widely used app to read books on the iPad. The iBookstore has thousands of different titles available which can be instantly downloaded to your iPad. There are numerous other apps available for reading books on the iPad, although some of them may cost money while others will be free to download and use.

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