How to Avoid International Roaming Charges on iPhone

Data roaming, or using your smartphone abroad on another network than you own, can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars sometimes, even if all you do is surf the web or download files. All apps that require an Internet connection, such as Safari, Email, Maps, and Facebook & Twitter can add to the data roaming charges. Keep reading to find out how to avoid international roaming charges on iPhone.


Clearing the Confusion

Many iPhone users who end up with high data roaming charges while traveling abroad are not aware of the cost of using data roaming, or use apps that connect to the Internet in the background, without them realizing it. Data roaming is useful, but only when you need it to transfer important work files, or to connect to the web when a normal wireless connection is not available. So the first thing you need to do to know how to avoid international roaming charges on iPhone is to understand what roaming is and to decide whether you need it or not.

Roaming Off

To avoid accruing international roaming charges without your will simply turn off data roaming by going to Settings > General > Network and moving the data roaming slider to Off. After you turn data roaming off, next time you want to use a data roaming app you will have to manually turn it on. This simple option brings you peace of mind and ensures that you will avoid data roaming charges.

Use Wi-Fi

Remember that if you need to connect to the web while traveling abroad, you can always use a free Wi-Fi connection that is usually available in airports, as well as in many hotels and cafes. Sometimes Wi-Fi abroad comes with an access charge, but this is usually included in your hotel bill. Many Wi-Fi connections are free, and those that do charge an access fee inform users about it. And even when there is a fee, it’s a one-time-only insignificant charge.

Now that you know how to avoid international roaming charges on iPhone you should not have any costly surprises after your return home from abroad.

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