How to Check if an iPhone is Factory Unlocked or not

People usually prefer buying iPhones locked with a carrier campaign in these days, because their plans are more payable like 12 or 24 months contracts along with the brand new iPhone. But sometimes people need a carrier free iPhone which means factory unlocked, so they can choose whichever carrier and campaign they like. And plus they can use their iPhones all over the world with multiple supported carriers. So the question is, how to check if an iPhone is factory unlocked or not? Well here are the few steps that you can easily learn if your iPhone is factory unlocked or not;

– First, we need to know our IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number. To get your IMEI number navigate on your iPhone like;
Settings -> General -> About and scroll down to IMEI. It mus be a 15-digit unique number.

– Now the second step; Enter you IMEI number in the box on main page then click on the check button. This website is very useful to quickly get all the information you need about your iPhone that you’re looking to buy. Just do not forget to ask the seller for to let you know the IMEI number.

So we already learned how to know if an iPhone is factory unlocked or not.

Evren Elveren

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free imei carrier check
free imei carrier check
10 years ago

Yes! Finally someone writes about check carrier iphone.

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