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How to Connect an iPad to TV

Streaming from a hand held device like the iPad, iPhone, or the iPod touch to a TV isn’t the best option in every case, but if you want to view your photos, videos, or video streaming apps on the bigger screen, there are some options available in the market that can help you. Though the solution you choose may vary with your video quality, but it would also depend on how much you are willing to spend.

Before making the mistake of buying the first cable you come across, take some time and know your options.

Airplay using the Apple TV

The famous Apple TV is the first TV to come to mind when we talk about connecting the iDevice with the big screen. This $99 piece is the most clutter free device for connections because it is wireless. You won’t need to move it from place to place and it offers the service of mirroring the device’s screen to your TV.

You may view your videos, photos, and even use it to stream some games on your TV. Developers around the world are adding the ability to their apps for Airplay and some games.

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It is a less expensive solution but you need to get up, go to the TV and plug it in, which can be a hassle if you are lazy like me. Other than that, It is a fairly neat adapter – just plug in the device at one end and TV on the other end.

It is available for the new generation devices with a lightning dock connector and for the older devices with a 30-pin dock connector. The video quality differs a bit between the two.

The new devices can mirror the screen as it is, but I’ve noticed a little lag sometimes. While the devices like iPhone 4S and iPad using the 30 pin connector could mirror their screens like the lightning adapter devices, the older devices could be used to just view the onboard videos and watch slideshows. This rules out streaming music or non supported apps, which is a disadvantage, yet it is still useful in many cases.

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It doesn’t support mirroring, but it is the only solution for older TVs. It routes the music, video enabled apps, and photos to the TV. It is for older devices only, and the video is of maximum 480p.

Connecting your iDevice to the TV isn’t difficult. Just select the right adapter and get ready to switch to the big screen.

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