How to connect your Go Pro Hero 3 Wifi to your iPhone and iPad

Go Pro series action cameras are the most popular camera product in the market today. Its last version Go Pro Hero 3 Wi-Fi has got 4k video resolution support at a fair FPS (frame per second) rate and also Full HD & HD formats at high FPS (frame per second) rates. Today we’re gonna show you how to connect your Go Pro Hero 3 Wifi to your iPhone and iPad. It is actually quite simple.

First, turn you Go Pro on. We have little Wi-Fi button on the right side of the camera, hold that button down then you will see a blue light come on in front of your camera which shows that you Wi-Fi is turned on so that you can connect your Go Pro Hero camera to your iPhone or Ipad. Second, go to Settings -> Wi-Fi and turn on the Wi-Fi on your iPhone and you’re gonna see a list of Wi-Fi connections around the place. Find the Wi-Fi SSID of your Go Pro camera then click on it. Ok now we are connected to ou Go Pro camera. Now we need the free Go Pro application which can be easily downloaded from the App Store. Open the Go Pro application and you will see at the top connect & control and when you click on it you can control your Go Pro camera. Follow the same instructions for the iPad too. All done. Thanks for reading.

Evren Elveren

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