How to connect your iPhone to TV

iPhones are awesome almost for everyone, but sometimes you don’t want to show your photos to your friends or watching videos with them on a pocket size screen while you have bigger option like HDTV or a big Tv with a VGA port. Let’s take a look at how to connect your iPhone to your TV. One of the easiest and most reliable method is to use a HDMI or VGA adaptor.

How to connect your iPhone to TV with HDMI/VGA adaptor

1- Plug the adapter into your device’s 30-pin connector.
2- Plug one head of an HDMI/VGA cable into the HDMI/VGA port of your adapter, and the other head into an available HDMI/VGA port on your TV.
3- Switch your TV to the connected HDMI/VGA input which has to be written near the TV’s port (like; HDMI 1, VGA). Now play any videos or open photos in supported apps to get it work on your TV.

These adapters usually replicates the 30-pin connector, so you can charge your device while playing the content.

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