How to Move Icons on iPhone

Moving icons on your iPhone is a nice way to customize your device and make easier to use. By moving icons you can move Facebook, Twitter, and all your other favorite icons to the home screen, in the place of default apps that you don’t use much. Here’s a simple guide that will show you how to move icons on iPhone.


  1. Activate jiggly mode on the home screen by touching and holding any icon until the other icons shake.
  2. Touch and hold any icon and then move it to the new location where you want it placed.
  3. Move an icon to a different screen by dragging it to the extreme left or right of the home screen. The iPhone supports up to 9 screens, so you have plenty of space for all your apps.
  4. Drag out of the dock apps you don’t really use and replace them with frequently used apps. The dock appears on all screens, so make sure you put on it the essential apps, those you use the most.
  5. Drag an icon over another icon to create a new folder. An iPhone folder can contain up to 12 apps and allows you to organize your apps by themes or categories. For example, you can keep all your photo-related apps in a single folder, for convenient access. To change the name of a folder, tap on the name and use the iPhone keyboard. To delete a folder, simply remove all the apps out of it.
  6. Move apps folders to the dock, if you want to put them there.
  7. Be careful not to tap on the X atop a jiggling icon – it deletes the icon. Most of the time it’s much better to move unused icons to other screens or to put them in app folders rather than to delete them.
  8. Exit jiggly mode and save changes by pressing the home button.
  9. That’s it! Now you know how to move icons on iPhone.

How to Move Icons on iPhone Even Faster

When you want to rearrange all your icons and you happen to have your computer nearby, simply plug your device into your computer and use iTunes’ virtual screen to quickly do the work. Then press sync.

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