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How to Open iPhone 5 Sim Card Tray

In this tutorial we will learn how to open Iphone 5 sim card tray. Since the first iphone, Apple has been manufacturing a drawer style sim card tray that is mainly responsible for protecting the sim card. Now let’s get started; First we need a needle, it can be the original needle or just an ordinary needle that fits the small hole for removing our sim card tray from iPhone 5.
unboxed iphone 5

Sim card Tray Needles
If we have the original needle we can comfortably open our sim card tray like shown in the below picture and video. Gently push the original needle into the sim card tray hole and the tray is out.

how to remove iPhone 5 sim card tray
if you do not have the original needle, you can use a similar simple needle like shown in the blow picture and video. Put the needle inside the sim card tray hole and push gently until the tray is out.

ordinary needle
All done. Now go and nail that sim card tray on your iPhone 5.

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