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How to Use Your Old iPhone as an iPod

If you have an old generation iPhone that you want to continue to use without a data contract, you can easily turn it into an iPod touch and give it to your kids or keep it for yourself. Depending on the generation of iPhone you have, you might get a better camera than you would get from an iPod touch, as well as more functionality. In this brief guide, you’ll find out how to use an iPhone as an iPod.

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 Step 1

The first thing you have to do is discontinue your data contract. Make sure your services provider doesn’t automatically renew an expiring contract. If it does, you should be able to cancel it without paying any fees.

Step 2

Don’t remove the SIM card. You might be tempted to do that in order to stop the phone capabilities of your device so that you won’t be able to receive or make calls. The problem with removing the SIM card is that every time you will restart the device you will get an annoying on-screen notification that the SIM is missing. Moreover, without the card, you won’t be able to restore your device. So to use use iPhone as an iPod leave the SIM card on. You don’t have to use your old SIM card if you don’t want to; you can procure instead a disabled card, or just borrow one from someone who doesn’t need it anymore.

Step 3

Enlarge your music library and better organize it. iTunes works on the iPhone just as it does on the iPod touch. If you need more space for your music, delete any videos and photos you might have on your device, and remember that from now on you’ll use it primarily for music.

Finally, keep in mind that although you can use the iPhone as an iPod Touch, it’s not worth buying a new unlocked iPhone – one that’s not tied to any carrier – just so you can use it as an iPod. Unlocked devices are much more expensive than those that come with a data contract, so you’ll be better off buying an iPod instead.

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