How you can use iPad Pillows

There are hundreds of accessories available for the iPad. Everything from projectors to keyboards to speaker systems, if you can think of it chances are it’s already on the market. One of the more comical, but still extremely useful, accessories for the iPad are iPad pillows. These have a variety of uses including making it more comfortable to use your iPad, giving you more support when typing, and for keeping your iPad in a secure position on your lap.


iPad pillows were developed and released shortly after the release of the original iPad. The idea behind them was to give users a device that was comfortable while offering support for their iPad. A typical iPad pillow incorporates a triangular design which is sturdy and will not crumble or collapse when weight is applied. They are designed to be placed in your lap and allow you to work more comfortably and efficiently on your iPad. Some models are expandable which allows for the incorporation of a Bluetooth keyboard if necessary.

Top 5 Models

Below are the top five iPad pillows that are currently available;

IPEVO PadPillow for iPad ($28.9) – This iPad pillow incorporates a soft body design which adds extra comfort when using your iPad, tablet or ereader device for extended periods of time. It has the comfort of a pillow while retaining the strength required to support your device for prolonged periods of time. Easy for use on couch, floor, bed or whether you need.

Renegade Concepts LAP PRO iPad Pillow ($27.50) – Soft, light and plushy, and only weighing in at 13 ounces – the LAP PRO iPad Pillow from Renegade Concepts makes a great accessory for your iPad, tablet or eBook reader device.
Renegade Concepts LAP PRO iPad Pillow

tabCoosh for iPad ($49.95 – $54.95) – This iPad pillow incorporates a beanbag style which gives great comfort whether you’re using your iPad on the floor, on the couch, at the table or in your bed. Prevents back injury from unnecessary bending and provides support for your iPad for watching movies or browsing the web.
tabCoosh for iPad

tyPillow for iPad ($34.95) – The tyPillow for iPad is a low-budget iPad pillow designed to give you maximum comfort in all positions whether on the bed, on the sofa or when using your iPad on the floor.

PadPod ($29.95) – This pillow is ergonomically designed for your relaxation or productivity. You can use it with or without your iPad on the couch, table, car or airplane.

Purchasing iPad pillows for your iPad is a good idea if you use your iPad in many different positions and want to keep it safe and secure.

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    Hi there, you missed our iPad pillow in your reviews. padpod has features these reviewed don’t. It’s primary benefit is that it has a greater degree of stability on your lap or table than any of the ones you have reviewed. We would love you to review ours too.


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