Ideal Apps for iOS 7

When we talk about mobile operating systems, we list them beginning with Apple. The iOS platform has commanded respect from people around the world. There is a huge fan base of Apple, and people are always waiting for new models.

With each update, we get a better and a more secure operating system. However, the look and feel of the devices never saw much of a change. The iOS7 is probably the first attempt to revamp the entire look of iOS. Consumers around the world are eagerly following all the beta releases of the iOS7. At iPhonepedia, we all are waiting with bated breath for the iOS 7 which is the single biggest redesign in the last six years.

Let me give you a little idea about what we feel would be a great addition to the iOS7.


Any Do App

Taking productivity at a whole new level, Any.Do syncs with your calendar to give you the best time management system. Now you can create lists and add reminders in a snap.


Clear App

Things are prettier when they are clear. Clear is a simple list management app that organizes your shopping lists, notes, movie lists and other stuff. Swipe the list to mark it off when you complete the task.

Analog Camera

Analog Camera App

This application brings back the golden days of the Analog Camera. It’s got manual exposure and focus, along with 8 preset filters that make it a great photo editing app. Plus it allows you to share your pictures almost instantly on social media.


VSCO Cam App

Going on a vacation? Make your pics look like professional photographs with the help of VSCO Cam. It’s got customizable editing tools and many preset filters that make even casual snaps look great.


Mailbox App

We get loads of mail everyday. Some from family and friends, some from clients, and others are just spam. It’s a headache keeping track of it every single day. Don’t access your mailbox for a week and it’s got a hundred mails of all sorts. To manage this problem, we have the Mailbox. Use it to have a clean and organized inbox.


Cal  App

This new calendar application is probably the most awaited feature of iOS7. Cal is just a snappy little abbreviation of it. Why is it awesome? It displays your daily activities really smartly. It might not sound like a big deal, but you need to use it to understand its magic.


Pocket  App

You may know it as “Read it Later”. After several redesigns and transformations, Pocket now brings you the convenience of having content available on command to read whenever you want, with a sharper and stylish interface.

DataMan Next

DataMan Next App

Phone bills keeping you up at nights? Here is an app to keep a check on your cellular activity. You can effectively track your data usage and keep it under control. With this app you’ll know where you need to cut back

Thoughts about these apps? What about some other apps that should’ve been included in the list. Write to us through comments.

Aleksandra Mednikova

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