iOS 7 – Not Just Cooler But Also More Secure

iOS is way cooler than any other operating systems out there in the market. That’s just a layman’s opinion; the fact is that the iPhone is probably more secure than its rivals.

Any iOS device till now has enjoyed the luxury of top notch security. Now Apple has decided that they want to step it up just a little further. The iOS 7 is all set to release this fall, and this time it’s even cooler than before. The security features in the latest version have been heavily upgraded. The developer versions of the iOS 7 have already been out for a while. And since then, developers have gone through this one with a fine comb.

The new iOS 7 will include the ability to block undesirable texts, calls, and even Facetime. The blocking feature was a highly desirable element in the Android OS market, in spite of not being a part of the OS. Several security developers provide this feature. Apple however, trumps all that since the blocking facility will come along with the new OS. Never be bothered by an undesirable number ever again.

Find my iPhone, Apple’s trademark remote location application that gets you the location of your phone in case it is ever lost, has been there for years. Most people are able to remotely wipe their data clean in case their device gets stolen. But the remote option is analogous to nuking your phone. Sure, your data is wiped, but you also leave the phone clean and ready for new ownership.

With iOS 7, the remote wipe feature is controlled by your Apple ID. Once you execute a wipe, you will need the Apple ID to be able to use the phone again. Now you need not surrender your device to the thief who stole it.

iOS 7 also addresses passwords and protection. The iCloud keychain will bring the robust password manager from the OS X to the mobile platform. The iCloud Keychain will be able to store all your passwords and credit card information securely in the Apple cloud so that you can access them from any device anywhere. iCloud Keychain takes auto-filling to a whole new level. There are other apps that do this but having the Apple advantage sure beats any other app.

Apple does have the habit of rushing things and playing patch up. How well these new security features work is left to guesswork for now, but knowing Apple, the new security features would make the iOS 7 the best OS in the market. After all, unlike the other app markets, the iTunes Store is completely free from any malicious applications, whatsoever. That should say something.

Aleksandra Mednikova

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