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Owning an iPad brings numerous benefits, most important of which is system security. Because the iPad uses the legendary iOS operating system, it is considered to be one of the safest tablet devices when it comes to avoiding viruses and malware. There has never been a confirmed virus that was able to penetrate through the built-in security systems in the iOS platform, although there have some a few malware scares in recent years.

What Types of Threats could you Face?

Thankfully there aren’t very many known threats currently for the iPad, iPhone or iPod line of devices. This doesn’t mean your device will always be safe – hackers are constantly updating their methods and implementing new ways of breaking through the firewall that Apple has successfully used thus far on their popular devices. One of the most common threats are those that originate from the exploitation of PDF files. The PDF file would have to be opened by the user, whereupon it would tunnel through the iOS security system, and mess with font and system settings. This malware scare didn’t cause any permanent damage and wasn’t a major security issue. It was cleared up within a few weeks after the next patch was released.

Jail breaking your iPad can open it up to a whole new array of viruses and malware because you are essentially getting rid of the built-in security that comes with the iPad. If you have jailbroken your iPad you need to be extra careful when you download apps from untrusted sources, open files which have originated from unknown locations, or when you download files off the internet and open them on your device. Jailbreaking your iPad deletes some of the security that is built in to the iOS operating system, potentially making your device more vulnerable to attack from outside sources, viruses or malware.

Are there any iPad Antivirus Programs?

Currently there are no known antivirus programs specifically designed for the iPad, thanks in part to the strong security system that Apple has incorporated into all of their iOS devices. There is a program called VirusBarrier which is available in the app store. Unlike traditional antivirus programs that attempt to block programs and viruses from infecting the device, VirusBarrier only works by scanning files and documents that you are sending to your Mac or PC, to ensure no viruses are transmitted over the airwaves.

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