iPhone 12 Release Date, Leaks, and Rumors

We’re gonna say it now: iPhone 12 must be a big change for the Apple smartphone lineup. The iPhone 11 range has brought very few updates for sure. With a new camera and a bit more power inside, there were no major but some modest updates to the famous iPhone range.

So will that bring the iPhone 2020? Will Apple give us a new real iPhone?

The good news is we heard a lot of gossip about a heavily altered iPhone. These include the ability to support 5G network technology, new cameras, a fresh design, and an ultra-smooth screen. If all the rumors are true, the iPhone 12 could be the great update we expect a long time.

We gathered all the latest leaks and updates related to the new iPhone in the article below.  We added some ideas on our list of expectations, based on our more than ten years of experience of rumors about the latest iPhone.

Update: It is becoming increasingly obvious that one or more iPhone 12 models could have a 120Hz display. It would make the games on your phone much better and smoother than ever.

When will the iPhone 12 release and Price?

In the latest news, rumors assure that the launch date will be around September 2020 or maybe late October. The reason is mainly the pandemic, but also the technical challenge that 5G technology represents for Apple.

Given the prices of the current iPhone 11

However, the situation related to the Covid-19 led manufacturers to review its schedule. But concerning Apple, the rumors follow and are not the same. Noises from the broker last month suggested that the launch of the new iPhones could be delayed for several months. But a few weeks ago, Foxconn’s remarks suggested that an autumn release is still in the works.

Ultimately, it is probably best to have a period from mid-September to the end of November so as not to have false hopes for the iPhone 12. Given the prices of the current iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro (Max), the new iPhone 12 is likely to come at a high price as well. Offering a 5G phone, a lidar scanner, and a larger battery will drive the price up. The following prices are realistic:

iPhone 12 expected models:

(64 GB): 899 euros

(256 B): 949 euros

(512 GB): 1,069 euros

Pro (64 GB): 1,249 euros

Pro (128 GB): 1,419 euros

Pro (256 GB): 1,649 euros

Pro Max (64 GB): 1,349 euros

Pro Max (256 GB): 1,519 euros

Pro Max (512 GB): 1,749 euros

Cameras on iPhone 12

Information on the new cameras on the iPhone 12 is still scarce. Apple analyst and industry insider Ming Chi-Kuo told digital media 9to5Mac that iPhone 12 would have a new camera module for wide-angle shots. This will be called 7P and will have a 1 / 1.9-inch sensor, which is a significant increase over the previous 1 / 3.6-inch sensor on the iPhone 11 Pro.

There is also talk of sensor change technology. In addition, the new camera configuration of the iPhone 12 Pro would receive the new Apple LiDAR scanner that was first introduced with the iPad Pro 2020. This sensor located on the back of the smartphone measures the depth points of a scene, which will lead to even more impressive results in the area of photography.

iPhone 12 with 5G?

Although Apple develops many of the chips used by iPhones, its production falls on other companies. A good example of this is the modem. There have been many disputes in the past between modem provider Qualcomm and Apple. However, these disputes are now a thing of the past with Apple’s new industrial policy.

When it became known that Apple was taking over Intel’s modem business, it was assumed that iPhones would go on the market without 5G modems. However, Kuo speculates that the iPhone 12 models will all come with 5G modems.

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