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iPhone 5 Carbon Bumper

Accessories for iPhone family are as much popular as iPhone itself. You can find cases, battery cases, headphones even jewelry for iphones in the market. What can be more interesting than these products? Well iPhonepedia has done a research for you and found an interesting idea; iPhone carbon bumpers. It is not much of a case but a bumper that protects the side areas of iPhone.



There is not much information on the web about who they are but they use 3M‘s DI-NOC material for iphone bumpers; it’s the best textured carbon fiber vinyl available. It has 0.2mm thickness and 3M’s “Comply Adhesive”, meaning it’s a non-residue adhesive and can be removed from your device without leaving any residue or marks behind. And the good news is; they are selling this product not for only iPhone family but iPad, mac-minis and more and they can ship it to you overnight in the US. They are also selling back covers other than bumpers for iPhones and iPads.

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