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iPhone 5 Jailbreak

While jailbreaking your iPhone is often a contentious and controversial action, many people do it anyway to unlock their iPhone 5 so it can run on different networks, run different applications, and have more overall functionality. Apple has cracked down on jailbreaking and has made it more difficult with the iPhone 5, although it is still possible with the right software.

What is Jailbreaking?

When you jailbreak your iPhone 5 you are essentially unlocking the entire iOS operating system, allowing access to the root files that control the essential functions of the system. This allows you to install apps, software, and games that are not approved by Apple or that aren’t available in the official app store. Many people jailbreak their iPhone 5 to unlock additional functionality and to make their phone easier to use or more powerful. Apple has consistently frowned upon jailbreaking. iPhone 5 jailbreak will void its warranty, and it can have disastrous results on your phone if it’s not done correctly.

Top Jailbreaking Programs

Below are the top 3 programs for jailbreaking your iPhone 5 and how they stack up against each other:

  • Evaders – The “evad3rs” are a team of iOS hackers who have created a new jailbreaking software known as “evasi0n”. This allows for the phone to be jailbroken, meaning you can access the alternative app store known as Cydia, as well as customize your phone with the original iOS restrictions gone. The jailbreak from evasi0n is untethered, meaning you can shut your phone off and still retain your original jailbreak settings.
  • Redsnow – Redsnow was one of the first programs developed that allowed for the jailbreaking and unlocking of the iPhone. It was released many years ago and was one of the first programs for unlocking the original iPhone. Redsnow is compatible with the new iPhone 5 as well.

Benefits of Jailbreaking

While jailbreaking your iPhone will void the warranty, it is perfectly legal to do in the United States if you’re willing to take the risk. Remember that a failed iPhone 5 jailbreak could cause your phone to become “bricked” meaning it enters a state where it will neither turn on or off. Jailbreaking allows changes to the kernel of the phone, meaning you can customize the themes, how the phone operates, and what carrier you can use. You also get access to the Cydia app store, with thousands of paid and free apps that aren’t found in the Apple App Store.

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