iPhone 5 Maintenance Do’s and Don’ts

The iPhone is beautiful but vulnerable. It might have a scratch-resistant screen and a tough case, but it can easily get damaged, and in time, if not properly cared for, it can lose its nice and shiny look. Here are the do’s and dont’s of iPhone 5 maintenance.


  • Do buy a slim, light case that doesn’t block any of the ports.
  • Don’t leave your iPhone outside in winter or inside your car on a hot summer day.
  • Do use a soft fiber cloth, dry or moistened in lukewarm water, to gently clean your iPhone.
  • Don’t use your iPhone if it’s overheated – turn it off and lay it aside for at least 15 minutes.
  • Do leave at least 1GB of free space on your iPhone at all times to prevent memory spikes.
  • Don’t ever use counterfeit chargers or you might destroy your device and injure yourself, as several people have already done.
  • Do take iPhone maintenance seriously and devote 15 minutes every week to cleaning your device.
  • Don’t thrown your iPhone on the bed or on the couch as it might bounce off and hit the ground.
  • Do avoid using any cleaning solutions unless they are specially designed for the iPhone and sold by a reputable company.
  • Don’t place your iPhone on the table next to your glass or bottle with whisky or beer or orange juice, to avoid spills and stains.
  • Do clean the charger and headphone holes with a cotton swab from time to time, but do it carefully, without pushing the dust or dirt down.
  • Don’t lend your iPhone to clumsy persons, whether they are children, spouses, friends, or colleagues.
  • Do check your pants’ pockets twice before throwing them in the washer, to make sure you haven’t forgotten your iPhone in them.
  • Don’t follow any extravagant iPhone 5 maintenance tips you receive from unreliable sources.

iPhone 5 maintenance is no hard task, but it does require that you are careful and caring with your device. Of all your gadgets and devices, your iPhone is probably the one you treasure the most, and considering that you’ve spent on it a hefty sum, you want to look after it well.


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