iPhone and iPad Sixaxis Controller

While the iPhone and iPad are primarily used for making calls, browsing the internet, and keeping in contact with business colleagues, friends and family, some like to take advantage of the incredible computing power offered by these devices by playing high powered games. You can take advantage of the iPhone and iPad sixaxis controller, which allows you to play high-definition games that are almost on par with the quality of PS3 and Xbox 360 games. A sixaxis controller is a device which bridges the connection between a PS3 dualshock controller and the built-in gamepad and control functions on your iPad. Using a PS3 controller with your iPad and iPhone is easy after following the directions below.

How to Make iPhone and iPad Sixaxis Controller

To start, you need to jailbreak your iPad or iPhone. Before jailbreaking you should read a guide and consider the pros and cons of it in depth. There have been reports of people “bricking” their devices by jailbreaking it, which can cause the device to become useless, and nothing more than a very expensive paperweight. After jailbreaking your device you need to download the
Blutrol app from the “App store” on Cydia, the marketplace for jailbroken iOS devices. This app costs $6.99 and allows you to use a PS3 controller for your iPad, allowing you to play games easily and quickly. If you’re using a PS3 controller versus a different type of style of controller you have the option of pairing the built-in gamepad inside the iPad or iPhone with the PS3 controller. You must download SixaxisPairTool and follow the built-in instructions. These instructions are generally easy to follow and connecting your PS3 controller with your iPad should only take a few minutes if everything goes smoothly.

After this you must manually configure the PS3 controller to work using Blutrol for all of the games you play. Thankfully this is very easy to complete and only needs to be done one time for each time. After this Blutrol automatically saves your settings and allows you to load up the game and play with your favorite controller each time. The best games to play using the iPad and iPhone Sixaxis controller are generally driving type games and sports games. It was difficult for Apple to develop a mechanism that made it easier to drive vehicles on the iPad and iPhone, so using a PS3 controller with analog stick input solves this problem once and for all.

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