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iPhone antivirus Picks from iPhonePedia

iPhone antivirus options – Are they even necessary?

While most people have heard the that Mac computers are almost entirely of immune to viruses of any kind (while understanding that there isn’t anything technological that is immune to attacks from malicious hackers), most people readily assume that this same fantastic feature is true of all Apple products. And though it is almost impossible to get an iPhone virus (unless you decide to jailbreak your phone and accept applications that are not allowed through the iTunes application marketplace), you still need to know your options in the first place. Technology is an ever of all things thing, and what is true today may or may not be true tomorrow – so it’s always worth being prepared.

Should I even consider investing in an iPhone antivirus solution?

For the overwhelming majority of people who are purchasing and using an iPhone on a regular basis the answer to this question is that you’ll have almost no need for a proper iPhone antivirus solution and many of the ones available through the iTunes marketplace are simply preying on people who are scared into believing their claims. You see, because of the very nature of the iOS platform and the fact that Apple doesn’t approve any applications that could have security compromises built right into them it’s just not necessary to invest in an expensive iPhone antivirus product right off of that. Yes, if you feel like it will help you sleep easier at night and then by all means move forward with one, but just understand that it’s probably not doing too terribly much more than what your system was already doing all on its own.

Now, if you have already decided to jailbreak your iPhone and then the game changes entirely. Allowing you to access any and all third party applications that may have been produced by developers you don’t know and those who may have malicious intent behind their products, you’re definitely going to be exposing your phone – and all of your personal information – just by diving into a this side of the iPhone. Jailbreakers are recommended to invest in high quality iPhone antivirus options (all it takes is a quick glance at the iTunes marketplace to see which ones are ranked at the very highest end and read some of the reviews provided) before you download any applications whatsoever.

Here are some best iPhone antivirus picks from iPhonePedia in the market;

Lookout Mobile Security – This antivirus option is a fast and reliable one for your iPhone. Especially when you need a good free Mobile Security, this app takes the first place. It protects your phone against many known threats. Lookout Mobile Security is monitoring every single application of iPhone.

Anti-Virus Detective – Anti-Virus Detective is one of the best add-on application for iPhone antivirus apps that dealing with malwares if your antivirus program will miss them. It identifies suspect malwares and providing you with useful links and resources.

McAfee’s Global Threat Intelligence – McAfee’s Global Threat Intelligence antivirus app gets latest info about threats. Use this application to get a quick report about doubtful URLs and iP address.

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