iPhone for Kids – How to Deal with it

With its great gaming, multimedia, and internet functions, the iPod touch is a big hit with teenagers and kids worldwide. However, many parents have concerns regarding giving their kids uncensored access to the Internet. Here are some guidelines regarding the steps you could take before handing over an iPod touch or iPhone to your child. These will ensure your child has a great experience and you can breathe easy too.

iPhone for Kids

Create an iTunes Account

The iPhone and iPod touch require users to have an iTunes account for setting up and downloading music, apps, and other items from the iTunes Store. You’ll probably want to create a separate account for your child to keep his activities and purchases separate from yours.

Set Up iPod Touch or iPhone

Once the iTunes account is created, you need to set up your child’s device. If the device is being set up on a computer used by the entire family, you need to take care of some settings to ensure that your child’s device syncs only to his address book and email account, and that he’s accessing a calendar specific to himself.

Set the Passcode

A passcode is a security code that needs to be entered each time a device is used. This helps in protecting an iPhone or iPod touch. And in case your child loses the device, no one can access your family information.

Install Apps

There are different kinds of apps that you can install on your child’s device – some for fun and others for safety. The App Store offers many versatile programs ranging from managing virtual sports teams to keeping track of news updates and more. There are loads of cool games and educational apps for your child.

In addition to these, some apps can help monitor your child’s Internet usage and prevent access to inappropriate sites. Apple also has some built-in tools which allow parents to control what their kids can access.

Set Up the iTunes Allowance

If you want your child to make purchases from iTunes within specified limits, you could define an iTunes allowance. This sets up a budget for the little one. Creating an Apple ID will ensure that the kids spend only from the allowance amount.

Avoid Accidental Damage

Kids are known to be careless in handling their stuff. You do not want them to accidentally drop the expensive device. Buying a strong protective case will ensure that the device remains safe from harm. Using screen protectors will prevent cracks, scratches, and other types of screen damage.

Get Warranty and Insurance

To have an additional level of security, you can purchase additional warranty from Apple which covers more than the standard warranty.

Make sure you follow these tips to keep your child’s device safe and protected.

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