iPhone Security Camera Apps

When it comes to keeping your home and property secure you are presented with numerous options, the most odd and intriguing of which is turning your iPhone or iPad into a security camera. This is now possible thanks in part to the numerous security camera apps which are now being offered on the App store. These apps have the power to turn your iPhone or iPad into a mobile security camera system that allows for motion detecting, face capture, live recording, alerts and more. This allows you to keep close tabs on your home when you’re away, or even when you’re at home.
Areas of Use

Security cameras in general, and especially iPhone and iPad security cameras can be used in a wide array of areas. They are generally used in your home to guard against burglars/thieves, keep an eye on your young children/baby when they are in their room, and they can also be used in your business to help detect and stop theft from occurring.

Using this system in your home is a good idea if you want to keep extra watch on your children who may have a tendency to get into trouble or get into things they aren’t supposed to. You can also mount the system outside of the front door of your home to quickly see who is at your door without having to open it. This can help protect your family against possible home invasion.

Top 3 iPhone Security Camera Apps

You must install one of the three (or many other) security camera apps below to effectively turn your old unused iPad or iPhone into a mobile security system.

Presence – This is one of the most popular security camera apps because it’s extremely easy to setup in your home, and is compatible on most Apple devices. Simply mount your old or unused iPhone or iPad in the position where you want to record, and use your other iPhone or iPad to watch the live video feed.

Security Cam with Dropbox – This app incorporates the very popular file sharing service Dropbox so you can easily save and share your footage with friends, family, or yourself on other devices for easy viewing and playback.

AtHome Camera Free – This app is as popular as others, and it offers numerous features that make it a great app for keeping your home or place of business secure and preventing thieves from entering.

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