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As one of the smartest and most powerful phones on the market, the various iPhone models rely on an equally powerful and smart operating system to operate and function correctly. Dubbed iOS by virtually everybody in the industry, there have been many versions of the operating system released since the first iPhone was launched in 2007. The latest version is iOS 6, which is in use on the iPhone 5. Apple released software updates for the iPhone, iPod, iPad and other Apple products on a fairly consistent basis. Keeping your phone’s software up to date is extremely important so you can get full functionality and use out of your phone.

Why iPhone Software Update is Important

While you may be under the impression of you can purchase the phone and never have to worry about updates, in reality updates are constantly being released for iOS and downloading and installing them onto your phone is very important for a variety of reasons.

Keep viruses off phone – One of the primary reasons for downloading and installing software updates for your iPhone is to stay one step ahead of the hackers who attempt to develop viruses and spyware for the iPhone. Apple has always had a good track record of staying ahead of the hackers by releasing new and updated software with more security.

Unlock new features – Sometimes an update will include additional features that were previously unavailable on your iPhone. Sometimes these features are insignificant or hardly noticeable, while other times they can change the way your entire phone operates.

Bug fixes – Nearly every release includes bug fixes that attempt to correct a variety of issues regarding the current iteration of iOS. Apple listens to the community about current problems with the iPhone and then makes solutions in the form of software updates which generally fix the problem.

Also keeping your software up to date will give you the best support from Apple, as all of your files and other settings will be current.

Where to Install

The easiest and safest method for updating your iPhone is to simply plug it into your computer and open iTunes. iTunes is able to detect if your phone is up to date or not, and will automatically download and install the latest software update if your phone requires it. Installing system updates is quick and easy, and requires literally no computer skills aside from plugging your phone in and opening iTunes.

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