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How to Add a Song to a Playlist on iPod

Learning how to add a song to a playlist on iPod can get you pumped up for your workout sessions, design musical routine for your commute to work, and set the mood for romantic evenings. Picking and choosing your favorite tunes or designing your own categories gives you the power to be your own DJ and separate the best music you want to hear away from the general music population on your device. Understanding what type of music makes the best playlist comes from trial and error, but if you want give it a shot and learn how to add a song to a playlist on iPod and enhance your music experience, follow these simple steps.Read More »How to Add a Song to a Playlist on iPod

Top 5 iPhone Karaoke Apps

Karaoke has long been a favorite at bars, social gatherings, parties or anywhere else there is a large group of people congregated. Karaoke involves singing the lyrics to popular songs with the beat of the music, in an attempt to see who has the best (and worst) singing voice. The Karaoke phase hasn’t been looked over on the iPod and iPhone as evidenced by the numerous karaoke apps that were released shortly after the devices were released. Discover the top 5 iPhone karaoke apps for the by reading on.Read More »Top 5 iPhone Karaoke Apps

Don’t Let Your Old iPod Rust! Turn It Into a Flash Drive

The iPhone has supplanted the classic iPod in many households, and that’s only natural, since the iPod is in itself an advanced music player. The iPod is certainly not dead, but its usage is decreasing rapidly. If you too, like many other Apple users, have abandoned your iPod when you’ve bought your iPhone and left it in a shadowy drawer, don’t let it rust. Turn iPod into a flash drive or mini hard disk.Read More »Don’t Let Your Old iPod Rust! Turn It Into a Flash Drive

Should You Buy An iPod If You Already Have an iPhone?

The iPod was once Apple’s trademark product, the one that killed portable CD players and changed how people buy and listen to music. But starting with 2011, the iPhone and iPad began to overshadow the iPod, whose sales substantially decreased. So, considering that the iPhone itself can function as an iPod, a portable music player, and that it has countless other features besides, can you replace iPod with iPhone?Read More »Should You Buy An iPod If You Already Have an iPhone?

How to Set Up Voicemail on iPhone

The iPhone has a nice voicemail feature that doesn’t only record missed calls, but also shows you a list of messages and allows you to choose the ones you want to listen to. This selective type of voice mail helps you save more time than the conventional recorded calls feature of traditional phones, as well as to ignore undesirable callers. In this article you’ll find out how to set up voicemail on iPhone if you haven’t used it before.Read More »How to Set Up Voicemail on iPhone

How to Use Your Old iPhone as an iPod

If you have an old generation iPhone that you want to continue to use without a data contract, you can easily turn it into an iPod touch and give it to your kids or keep it for yourself. Depending on the generation of iPhone you have, you might get a better camera than you would get from an iPod touch, as well as more functionality. In this brief guide, you’ll find out how to use an iPhone as an iPod.

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Will the iPod Disappear?

In 2001, Apple released its first iPod, making digital music accessible for the first time to millions of people in a realistic and streamlined way. Digital files had obviously been around for some time, but Apple was the first to capitalize on this and make a quality device capable of storing and playing thousands of songs. The release of the iPod dramatically changed the music industry in a variety of ways. Media giants like Borders and Best Buy, longs purveyors of large music selections, were forced to go in different directions or were driven out of business entirely.Read More »Will the iPod Disappear?

Choosing the Best iPod Turntable

The iPod has changed and revolutionized the music industry ever since its original release in the early 2000s. There have been numerous devices and accessories designed to complement the power and functionality of the iPod. One of the most interesting accessories are iPod turntables. iPod turntables are useful for aspiring DJ’s that want a low-cost option for practicing their moves and getting their beats right. There are numerous turntables on the market, with each one offering its own advantages, disadvantages and features. This article will briefly describe and review the top three iPod turntables on the market today.
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iPod Effect on Music Industry

The iPod has undoubtedly had a drastic and long-lasting effect on the music industry. Prior to the invention of the iPod, and the digital music delivery service iTunes, also from Apple, music was primarily sold in CD format in physical store locations and enjoyed through the use of CD players and other devices. The iPod changed all this as now music was primarily delivered through digital means, allowing people to purchase and download songs directly to their personal computer.

Immediate Changes to Music Industry
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iPhone and iPod FM Transmitter

While owning an iPod brings with it the ability to enjoy over 10,000 songs from the palm of your hand, many people find that not having FM radio capabilities can really hinder the overall popularity and usefulness of the iPod. Thankfully there are numerous FM transmitter devices that have been developed to be used specifically for the iPod and iPhone devices.

FM Transmitter Overview

An FM transmitter is a device which connects to your iPod and allows you iPod to play FM radio stations for free. This effectively turns your iPod or iPhone into a portable, high quality radio that can play any stations within range. Most FM transmitters designed for smartphone use also include some type of hands-free calling system and a universal charging port which allows the device to be powered from the DC adapter in your vehicle. You can also charge your iPod or iPhone using the power from the transmitter, accomplishing two tasks at once.

iPhone and iPod FM Transmitter Choices

Below are the top three iPod and iPhone FM transmitters, along with their price and a brief description including uses and features;
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Using Linux on iPod

As one of the most popular MP3 players ever invented, the iPod has won numerous awards and has been purchased millions of times by people all around the world since its inception over 10 years ago. Apple has included their own operating system, known as iOS, on all of the iPods they have built and shipped. While iOS is a good operating system in its own right, some people naturally want to expand the capabilities of their iPod by installing a new operating system that replaces the existing one on new iPods. iPodLinux is an operating system based on Linux technology that is designed to run on all Apple iPod devices.


The idea for a Linux type operating system to be used on an iPod was thought of shortly after the original iPod was released in 2001. Computer scientist student Nils Schneider recognized numerous shortcomings related to the Apple iOS operating system and decided to extract the fourth generation bootloader. This process took him 22 hours to complete. After extracting the bootloader Schneider was able to replace the original iOS operating system with a Linux-type system he and fellow students had developed.

How to use Linux on your iPod
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What is iCloud and how you can Benefit from It

We are answering maybe the popular question in this year, what is iCloud? iCloud is the largest and most used cloud computing service available. It was launched by Apple in October of 2011 and it allows users to store files, music and iOS applications on secure cloud servers so they can be accessed and retrieved later. The service also allows all data including email, app settings and preferences, calendars, bookmarks, notes and other things to be automatically synced between all Apple and Windows devices as long as there is an internet connection.

When first iCloud Started

Originally launched as iTools way back in 2000, iCloud started as out as a way for Mac users to organize their contacts, notes and calendars in an easy to use interface. The program later relaunched as .Mac in 2002 and became MobileMe in 2008. MobileMe is the direct predecessor to iCloud and it offered many of the same services that iCloud currently offers. iCloud was launched on October 12th, 2011. It offers many services and features that are similar to the previous brand of MobileMe.
The original idea behind iCloud was to offer users a safe, convenient and easy way to store and access all of their information from one location. Because the servers are located on the internet the personal information can be accessed anywhere with just a password from any device. The purpose of iCloud was to allow people access to their information quickly and easily, and to be able to sync all their information into one location.

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What is Retina Display

Apple has been known to come up with a wide array of technology and innovation through the years. They were one of the first companies to make a personal computer that was accepted and purchased by the masses, and they were the creators of the enormously popular iPod, iPad and iPhone devices. Apple has recently unveiled their Retina Display on a select number of devices. A retina display is in theory one in which the user can notice no pixilation of an image at a given distance.

What is Retina Display?

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How iPod Armband Improves Functionality

The iPod armband is one of the most popular accessories purchased for the iPod. It allows you to secure the iPod to your arm for use while exercising, running or jogging. The idea for the armband was developed shortly after the original iPod was released. Since so many people used the iPod to listen to music while exercising, developers created an ingenious device that could hold the iPod securely into place while you exercised. Putting the iPod in your pocket may work for some, but the headphones are simply not long enough to offer full range of motion when the iPod is so far down.


The original iPod

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When is iOS 7 Release Date

While the current iOS 6 system used on all of Apple’s modern devices was released recently there are already rumors swirling around about the next installment of the iOS series. iOS 7 is currently scheduled for release sometime in September or October of 2013, although the exact date of release is currently unknown. There are many expectations related to the new OS, especially what the next system will feature and if the maps feature from iOS 6, which was mostly a failure will be fixed.

History of iOS
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iPod vs. Zune HD

Ever since Microsoft released their featured MP3 player, the Zune HD in 2009 it has always been compared to its biggest competitor, the iPod touch. While the two devices are designed differently and use different operating systems, they each offer much of the same functionality and purpose as each other. The primary purpose of both the iPod and the Zune HD is to play music, games and browse the web when you’re out and about. We will compare the iPod vs. Zune HD with four categories: capacity, battery life, screen size and quality, and finally the price.


The Zune HD is available in either 16, 32 or 64 GB flash memory configurations. The iPod Touch can be purchased with either 32 GB or 64 GB of flash memory. This makes both devices tied in the category of storage space. Unless you have a library with millions of songs both the Zune HD and the iPod touch have more than enough storage capacity for your music.
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