Is It Worth Investing in an iPhone Emulator

Is it worth investing in an iPhone emulator?

Even though a lot of the smartphone games being released today on the iPhone and Android platforms have a bit of retro flair to them, the fact of the matter is that nothing beats playing old-school games like Mortal Kombat, Super Mario, The Legends of Zelda, the original Metal Gear Solid franchise, and a whole host of other games we all grew up with. However, it doesn’t look like too terribly many gaming companies are looking to throw a lot of money at rejigging of these fantastic titles to fit the iPhone platform but they don’t have to. You see, with the use of iPhone emulator technology and apps you can have your own retro gaming console right on your phone allowing you to play all of your favorite titles without any hiccups whatsoever.

What is an iPhone emulator anyway?

Basically an application and piece of software that turns your phone into a retro gaming console, and emulator is the perfect answer to anyone who’s ever wanted to play Super Mario or anything else on their phone. Requiring two parts – the iPhone emulator itself and the game ROM, emulators have changed the landscape of mobile gaming forever. The only problem is that Apple is not exactly smiling upon many of these gaming solutions simply because they are in direct violation of a number of copyright and other legal issues. This has forced many of the very best and the leaders to live in the jailbreak world, requiring you to unlock your iPhone and deal with all of the consequences at that end before you can really dig into retro gaming.

Luckily, since jailbreaking is so dropdead simple thanks to new innovations and tools being rolled out on a regular basis this doesn’t have the same kind of risk it used to, making it an almost no-brainer for those looking to dive right in. If you are looking for the very best iPhone and the later solutions pay close attention to GameBoy4iPhone, Genesis4iPhone, gpSPhone, MiniVMac, ScummVM, and SNES4iPhone in particular as they are probably the most full-featured emulators available on the market today. Obviously you’ll need to scour the web to lock up a number of different ROMs – but a certain world-famous search engine that rhymes with Noogle should give you all of the answers and access to all of the specific games you’re looking for. Also take a look at the below video for several good iPhone emulators;

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