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Fall is here again. This is the initial part of the season where we tend to miss the feel of the warm summer sun and visits to the sandy beaches are almost done now. If you are bummed at the end of summer as well, then here’s a fun activity for you. Welcome fall with the top iOS apps and games from the month of August. The final days of sun need be spent with you getting totally bummed out.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown

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Officially, this game was launched at the tail end of June, but it still counts as an August game.  XCOM is the first such mobile game in the sci-fi strategy genre. XCOM: Enemy Unknown is based fully on UFO: Enemy Unknown from way back in 1994. XCOM is a giant leap ahead in terms of graphics and gameplay that far outstrips any of its counterparts in console gaming. The hefty $19.99 that costs to purchase this game may deter some people, but with XCOM you are definitely getting all that you pay for.


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eBooks are huge money spinners. Apple made a whole new niche market out of it. Byliner is one such app which promises to cater to literary enthusiasts the way Netflix does for film and television viewers. A monthly subscription charge of $9.99 is all it takes for you to gain access to an entire library of novellas, short stories and the likes. With Byliner, you can even find books that suit your reading times to ease up your schedule. The app is currently free for iPad.


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IFTTT is a cool little iOS specific automation tool that establishes connections between different devices, actions and services to enable the performance of simple custom tasks. It can be as simple as having it push instagram pictures into dropbox. You can even connect this app to control external hardware.


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Limbo is a very unique title cast entirely in Black and White. The game is made of several challenges in a dark tone. Limbo has been snatching high praise from everyone who reviewed it so far. The $4.99 price tag may be considered a tad high, but the game is surely worth all the praise it receives.


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Originally a PC game, this horror/adventure game saw a port to iOS post a successful PC stint. The game’s objectives are simple; guide your little 8-bit hero through the dark corridors of his pixilated nightmares. At each step you will need to make decisions that affect how the rest game plays out. Although it is not a huge graphic adventure, Home does have its own creepy moments. Plug in your headphones to enjoy the most out of this experience.

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