Making Ringtones in iTunes

You might have purchased ringtones for your old mobile devices during the days of old phones. However, in the days of the smartphone, buying ringtones is being rapidly outdated. Why buy when you can create your own ringtone? Getting new ringtones for your phone is as simple as cutting them out of tunes already present on your device. You may own a Mac or a PC, all you need is your iTunes software and you can keep making fresh new ringtones every day. Groove to the music of your choice every time you get an incoming call.

Making iPhone Ringtones

Follow the simple steps listed below to create ringtones anytime you want.

  • Select a song from your library that you’d like to convert to your ringtone. Right click on this track and select Get Info.
  • A pop-up window will appear. Click on the tab that says Options. Within that tab, notice the Start time and Stop time options. Enter the Begin and End markers of the part from where you want to cut the out the song. Ensure the selected snippet is less than 30 seconds.
  • Once you have selected the snippet of the track you want, click Ok.
  • Right click on the original song again and select the Create AAC Version option. This will create another version of the same song.
  • Go back to the Options menu in the original song and change the time selection to its previous state.
  • After this, Mac users may need to select the AAC version of the song and select Show in Finder from the options. Windows users need to change the file display types to hide known file extensions.
  • Find the shortened AAC file by selecting Show in Windows option for Windows and Show in Finder option for Mac.
  • Now change the file extension from .m4a audio file to .m4r format. The converted audio file will now be added to iTunes as a ringtone file under the tones column.
  • Select the iTunes library’s drop down menu and open the tab that reads Tones. This tab will house ringtones that you have added personally.

The songs in the Tones menu are the shortened AAC versions of the songs that you have previously downloaded. Once converted to . m4r they can be used as ringtones over any iOS device. Now all you need to do is sync the device with iTunes and your ringtones will be added to the phone.

Aleksandra Mednikova

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