MixBit – A New Way of Creating Videos

If you thought that Vine and Instagram are the end of all video applications, then you couldn’t be more wrong. Steve Chen and Chad Hurley, the co-founders of YouTube have unveiled MixBit, a new video app that allows you to record, edit, and share videos. What’s new in this? Well, MixBit also gives you the added advantage of being able to mix-in video clips from other users to complete your movies. Now that’s something different!

mixbit app

How to do it

The preferred mode of recording in this app is horizontal – just like in Vine. The recording process is really easy; simply tap and hold the device steady until you are done, then tap again. You are allowed to record 16 second clips and add up to 256 such clips for a video. The finished videos will last for a little over an hour, but there are no filters. However, you can cut and rearrange clips and save drafts prior to publishing.

MixBit was born out of the idea to provide people a way to create better content. There are professionals with such tools and techniques but we amateurs never had the cool and awesome ways to edit our videos. MixBit moves away from the unhealthy self-promotion culture of current social media and actively tries to exclude any forms of social media interactions. The videos created using this app can be shared to the individual user’s account. However, every clip uploaded with this application will continue to remain in the public domain and will be available for other users to use.

It’s all about the quality

The beauty of MixBit is that you may not even need to record any clips. You can continue uploading by simply mixing clips from other users. Mix Bit is all about creating and sharing quality and unrestrictive content. The app is free in the iTunes store with an Android version being planned for the future. Built by AVOS systems, MixBit is looking to add some more great new features. In the probable future versions of this application, users may be able to pre-record videos and upload them at a specific time of choosing, a bit like Instagram. Color correction and other filter effects are also in the works. However, MixBit refuses to add any filters to the app and is perfectly happy leaving that feature with Instagram. It’s all about providing the right tools to everybody who wants them.

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