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Apple’s Chinese Manufacturing Partners are Warming up for Iphone 5s

As you know, most Apple’s mobile products are made by the Chinese brand named Foxconn. In recent years, employees of Foxconn are working under poor conditions. Because Foxconn is planning to make the production robotized. However, it seems that the priority of producing the iPhone 5 without a delay comes first. The whole production of the iPhone 5 is in China. Largan Precision is making the camera lenses, G-Tech Optoelectronics is making the glass work, Simplo & Dynapack is the battery manufacturer and TPK is producing the touchscreen of iPhones. And finally Foxconn is assembling all parts together. All these companies are working at full capacity for Apple.

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Pre-Orders Available for iPhone from T-Mobile

T-Mobile announced that cellphone users can now pre-order iPhone 5 or iPhone 4s for only $99 directly from T-Mobile. According to Tuaw the pre-order run of T-Mobile for iPhone 5 launched yesterday and phones will begin to ship to its customers on Friday April 12. So mobile phone consumers can now pre-order the iPhone 5 starting at $99. This $99 charge will come with a locked two year contract with T-Mobile at a $20 initial each month.

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How to Close Apps on iPhone

There are so many useful applications on the App-Store either paid or free. Some most popular ones like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, RunKeeper etc… You can open and use these applications and left them working on the background all day. Today we will learn how to close apps on iPhone. As you know when you click on the home button of your iPhone while you are running an app, the phone only exits the app and put it on the background and the app is still working in the meantime. So how we can completely close an application on an iPhone?

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How to connect your iPhone to TV

iPhones are awesome almost for everyone, but sometimes you don’t want to show your photos to your friends or watching videos with them on a pocket size screen while you have bigger option like HDTV or a big Tv with a VGA port. Let’s take a look at how to connect your iPhone to your TV. One of the easiest and most reliable method is to use a HDMI or VGA adaptor.

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How to Delete Photos on iPhone

Photos on your iPhone can fill up a lot of space sometimes, especially if you import from your computer or download high quality images from the internet. You can remove your iPhone photos in two ways; If there is already no space left on your device then you can create some space with deleting some of your photos manually by tapping the trash can button at the very right bottom of your gallery slideshow or you can also delete these photos from your Mac or PC with re-syncing your iPhone.

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How to Make Folders on iPhone

In this tutorial we are gonna learn how to make folders on iPhone. There has been no folder option on an iPhone until June 2010 with the release of iOS 4. Basically creating folders is to avoid an application chaos on your iPhone screen. When many applications installed on your iPhone, creating folders is your first aid. So let us examine how one can create a folder on iPhone now;

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How to Block a Number on iPhone

Today on iPhonePedia, we will help you out with how to block a number on iPhone. Especially new iPhone users are not experienced with purchasing apps in App Store. They usually making almost the same mistake that purchasing an application without reading reviews off it. Even if you see that there are many good reviews for that application, do not be deceived; because these are fake reviews and whose writing them are paid actually. But no matter what there are how many negative or fake reviews in App Store, users are still purchasing these kind of applications anyway even when they are knowing it. Applications about blocking a number in the official App Store are not really working at all. These applications are only showing the number that we wanted to block when it is calling or messaging us. So we are only realizing that it was the number we blocked before and taking our action according to that information. These actions are usually silencing incoming calls or messages of the blocked number. So technically it is not possible to block a specific number on iPhone which has a clean, official iOS (it means not Jailbroken). If we really want a number blocking application, we should Jailbreak our iPhone and download the iBlacklist application from their unofficial app-store.

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Buying iPhone 5 Cases

Almost immediately after the iPhone 5 went on sale in the fall of 2012, millions of iPhone 5 cases were purchased worldwide as well. Past iPhone owners are clearly aware of the fact that the iPhone is designed more like a delicate and fragile tablet than it is a sturdy notebook computer. A simple drop or minor fall can cause severe damage to an unprotected iPhone – including cracked and shattered screens as well as severely scratched bodies. This explains why there are so many people that rush to buy a protective case for their iPhone almost just as quickly as they do the actual phone. Why are iPhones so popular in the first place? What types of cases are available? What are some of the most popular websites that a person can visit to order high quality cases for their own iPhone 5?

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iPhone 5 Carbon Bumper

Accessories for iPhone family are as much popular as iPhone itself. You can find cases, battery cases, headphones even jewelry for iphones in the market. What can be more interesting than these products? Well iPhonepedia has done a research for you and found an interesting idea; iPhone carbon bumpers. It is not much of a case but a bumper that protects the side areas of iPhone.

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Cheap iPhone

A cheaper iPhone model would come up according to the rumors around the web these days. The production of a cheap iPhone is denied by Apple, but despite this denial, several authorities on the web are predicting that Apple is working on a cheap version of the iPhone and it will be released in 2013. These reliable sources are so sure about their claims that they can give the details and features of the cheaper iPhone model. iPhonePedia investigated what kind of features would these be and is now sharing them with you;

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iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S4

Is it really true that the Korean giant was this time to beat the numbers of our most delicious fruit? Well let us look at the numbers; Samsung has recently prepared a nice introduction event for Galaxy S4. Samsung’s youtube channel hast broadcasted the event all over the world, and then this event caused a record breaking pre-order for the first 48 hours period. Samsung has its own record but how are competitors? According to the survey which is made by Investing Analytics, many people interested in Galaxy S4, but this interest level was very low compared to Apple’s iPhone 5. Maybe it was because of the pre-order price tag of $250 compared to $200 of iPhone’s.
iphone 5 vs galaxy s4

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How to Open iPhone 5 Sim Card Tray

In this tutorial we will learn how to open Iphone 5 sim card tray. Since the first iphone, Apple has been manufacturing a drawer style sim card tray that is mainly responsible for protecting the sim card. Now let’s get started; First we need a needle, it can be the original needle or just an ordinary needle that fits the small hole for removing our sim card tray from iPhone 5.
unboxed iphone 5

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How to Take a Screenshot on iPhone 5

Today we will learn how to take a screenshot on iPhone 5 (also the same for other iPhone models and iPods). When you are surfing on your iPhone on the web, when you are using an application or even when you’re playing a game, it is so easy to take a screenshot on your iPhone. We are using two buttons to handle this;

first: our home button
Power Button
second: our power (top) button

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How to transfer songs to your iPod

We will learn two simple ways of how to transfer songs to your iPod today. Let us start;
After connecting your iPod to your computer via USB, there are two variations that you can use to transfer songs to your iPod: via winamp or iTunes;
Let’s take a look at the winamp option first;
After we choose our favorite songs from our hard drive, we need to drag them to our Winamp playlist. And after that we should right click on a single song, couple of songs or the hole winamp playlist and in the menu we are clicking on to “send to” option then find our iPod there and click on it. Easy enough right?
Now let’s look at the second way to send our songs which is via the popular iTunes;

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Iphone 6 Release Date

Everyone is talking about iPhone 6, but the model name could be different than this, like iPhone 5s which is expected to be announced by the end of this year. A long time gossip for iPhone 6 is on the agenda, it could have no longer 2 colors limitation but could be produced in different colors and people are very curious about this option already. The new iPhone’s screen size is expected to be bigger than the iPhone 5.
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Iphone 5s Release Date Rumors

According to the claims by the China Times, which broadcasts in China, the iPhone 5s will be released this year for sure. The biggest difference between iPhone 5s and iphone 5 could be a fingerprint reader. The fingerprint reader is expected to take place on the “Home” button. Purpose of using this fingerprint reader is to authenticate a fingerprint identification when you make purchases in the App Store.
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